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JK and I have been talking about having brunch together since 1+ year ago. Finally, this time we were there w. our dining buddy MR 🙂

Xacutti (pronounced as sha-koo-tee) is located near College and Bathurst. Entrance on the right side where you normally go upstairs. Although on the website it says the building was built almost 100 years ago (1908), the company has definitely done a good job revitalizing and making use of the space. We didn’t visit the lounge, Bird, upstairs. Maybe another time.

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When we arrived at 12:00pm, the main dining room didn’t seem to be too packed. However, we were told that the expected waiting time would be about 45 minutes. We decided to wait – of course! we were there to try it out. Not gonna give up that easily. We were led to the waiting area at the back, were people could read some newspaper, chat with friends and enjoy a complimentary smoothie shot. Of course, if you want, you can always order some coffee/tea while chillin and waiting for your table.

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I really love this. Wake up around 10-11 on a Sunday morning. (Yup! it’s still in the morning. Not 3pm when half of the day has already gone.) Feeling the sunshine through the long ivory-white-color curtain, then go out and enjoy the crisp air (+ a nice brunch).

After about 45 min – didn’t seem that long since we were chatting and having a good time waiting, we were brought to a table. Looking at the brunch menu, there were so many items that I wanted to try! There were also two drink menu! (wine & cocktails… it was just a bit too early for me to drink those.)

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Here’s what we ordered:

– Orange Juice, a tea that’s equivalent to Earl Grey (it has a beautiful name but I just can’t recall now), and a Grapefruit Juice

– Eggs, homefries, smoked bacon + toasts

– Bombay scrambled eggs with green chillies, toasted naans, and mango chutney + 1 side order of Italian sausage

– Blueberry baguette with maple syrup and cream

– Banana brulee french toast with maple syrup and butter

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I love my “Bombay scrambled egg” – very Indian fusion, but tasted good! The sausages were so-so though. Blueberry baguette was heaven! ~ They put blueberries on both sides of the bread… add a bit of cream and a bit of syrup on it… YUMMM! the Banana brulee french toast was good too! Overall… the bill came to $80 before gratuity. It wasn’t cheap, but I would say it is worth the try. I’d like to go back again and enjoy other dishes.

FYI: Xacutti
503 College Street, Toronto, ON.
Tel: 416-323-3957

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  1. This is my favourite brunch place!! Haven’t been there for long though. I like everything they offer, it’s not cheap but it’s worth it.

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