Christmas Spectacular

Work life has been hectic recently… thatz why I haven’t been writing about my trip to Boston. I find the more I care about a post, the longer it takes for me to finish it. These days, there hasn’t been a moment that I can really sit down in front of my computer and write about stuffs. Not at work either, coz it’s just crazy here (yup… first time in 2 weeks that I get a moment to do some personal stuffs during lunch time).

Last night, my friend invited me to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show @ Hummingbird Center. Apparently, this show has been a “American Christmas tradition” for over 70 years. However, this is the first year that the show ever comes to Canada. (That kinda explains why I haven’t heard of this show before). When we arrived, I noticed the audience’s age group is relatively older. Also, it seems to be a relatively “western” show as there were fewer Asian or other people of other ethnic background.

Vivid colors – even older people can see everything from far away. Excellent dance!!! Nice music!! Very merry! There were a few dance moves that I didn’t expect and I just loved it! I have to say this is a very good show for the whole family. Even if your parents or grandparents do not understand all the lyrics, the show is still worth watching. I especially liked the Mrs. Clause. She’s just so lively and cute! The only thing is … afterall it is a Christmas show. There was a Christian scene at the end – therefore, not very good to see it with someone who is against Christian (well… I think that person wouldn’t go in the first place anyway).

Thanks RS again for inviting me to the show. I liked it.

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