Chinese Dumpling House 真東北餃子館

Did I mention that I like Northern Chinese food? Although I’m a true Cantonese (I believe the origin of both sides of my family is in Guangdong), I like eating buns and dumplings. However, I don’t think a lot of my friends can eat dumplings/buns as a meal. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been to a lot of dumpling places.

One Sunday night, I think it was the weekend before I got really sick, I went to Century Room for a friend’s birthday. Without knowing that it was an Asian night, I was really surprised to see a lot of Asians there (98%). Standing beside the bar, waiting for my drinks, I saw a face on the other end. Hum… the next second, my distant memory was triggered.

“Hey!” I said. I haven’t seen him for almost 3 years I think, but he hasn’t changed a lot. Chit-chatted a bit, we went back to our groups of friends.

Another night, we came out for a drink + dinner. Had tea @ the Sugar (I think I’ve been going to this bubble tea restaurant a bit too often lately), then he suggested going to this dumpling place @ Metro Square. Yeah! Dumplings! I haven’t had any dumpling for quite a long time! arrrr…. nice…

By the time we arrived, it was around 8pm. The place wasn’t very small, but the tables & seats were quite packed. Looking Staring at the freshly steamed dumplings made me hungry. After about 10 min, we were seated near the cashier – a tiny little table. I liked it though. It gave me the home-y good food feeling. Don’t know how to explain… it felt like I was exploring some hidden gem. Plus… sometimes I feel more comfy staying in a smaller space.

So, here’s what we ordered:

– Fried spring onion pancake (蔥油餅)

– Pan fried dumplings (鍋貼)

– Steamed dumplings (餃子)

Chinese Dumpling House 1 Chinese Dumpling House 2 Chinese Dumpling House 3

I liked all of them. Maybe among all 3 dishes, I would say the taste of the steamed dumplings could be better. There were different types of dumplings and Northern Chinese dishes on the menu. The thing is… with only 2 persons, we already felt very full after 3 dishes. I would like to come back with more people. I’ve seen this dumpling house around for so long, but I still wouldn’t have tried it if I didn’t bump into RV. Life’s full of unexpectancy.

FYI: Chinese Dumpling House 真東北餃子館
3636 Steeles Ave., Unit 112-113, Markham, ON
Tel: 905-947-9880

7 thoughts on “Chinese Dumpling House 真東北餃子館

  1. 對於北方餃子﹐麵食﹐飽點﹐我只是一般﹐屬於可有可無﹐但是鼎泰豐的小籠飽是例外。 說來話長﹐當年到臺北工幹﹐臺北分行的主管﹐是一位說得一口流利京片子的美國佬﹐他雖知我對北方餃子﹐麵食﹐飽點﹐只是一般喜愛﹐但他拍心口﹐叫司機車了 我們到﹐臺北仁愛路的鼎泰豐老店(希望沒有記錯了)﹐那是一棟唐樓﹐全棟都是鼎泰豐的﹐我們未因有一個白皮膚的美國佬得到優待﹐站在門口等了三十分鐘﹐才有位子。 卒之吃到了我最合意的小籠飽﹐一咬訂情﹐自始鐘情於鼎泰豐的小籠飽﹐去多了﹐對北方餃子﹐麵食﹐飽點﹐也陪養了感情。但香港﹑多倫多的鼎泰豐不及臺北鼎泰豐老店的水準﹐想起來還是想飛回臺北的鼎泰豐老店﹐吃過夠本。

  2. 上一次到台北都沒有去鼎泰豐,希望明年有機會啦。我是從小就喜歡飽點餃子,不知道為甚麼,很喜歡啃鏝頭。:)

  3. Correction for the address of 鼎泰豐

    舊店︰信義路二段194號 (永康街口)(886) 2721 1890

    新店︰忠孝東路四段218號 (自216巷進) (886) 2721 7890


  4. Miss Marz,

    如果自己識包餃子, 可以試下咁o既配搭

    小番瓜 + 蔥 + 半肥廋豬肉 (瓜同肉比例係2:1, 因為瓜多水, 搾乾之後剩低o既唔多)
    餃子皮 (可以自家製, 好好玩!)

    鹽 + 清雞湯 + 米酒 + 豉油 + 粟米油

    (份量同口味因人而異, 自己去摸索啦! 最緊要係個餡要乾身, 咁餃子皮就唔會穿!)

    湯餃, 煎餃(鍋貼)都一樣咁正! 😛
    (圖: 小番瓜)

  5. wooohooo
    bubu, I’ll try to make it myself. I think I used to do it a couple of years ago with my aunt, but getting lazy now.

    Thanks for the info, drifter~

    I think I’ve been to 東北餃子王 quite a long time ago… the one @ Scarborough Villa?

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