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Last Saturday, after a whole morning-afternoon of moving, everyone was tired. Since AC used to work at the Pizza Pizza in Woodside Square, we went there for a few slices. Pizza Pizza’s fresh pizzas are actually not bad, but not the ones that are being sold in school/university. Then we went to the food court to get some “real food” for my mother and my uncle. So, I came to this place called “Jasmine” and bought a 豉椒牛河 (Noodle with Beef, Green Pepper & Black Soybean). That really “wow-ed” my mom and uncle because they found it really tasty and they didn’t know such store existed in that mall.


Therefore, we went there another day and get the same noodle 豉椒牛河 (Noodle with Beef, Green Pepper & Black Soybean) plus another curry Singaporean noodle 星洲炒米. The noodle with beef was really good – you can see they did put a lot of beef and green peppers in it. The taste was good – maybe the only thing I would say is the beef could be less salty – I think they have marinated that a bit too long. The Singaporean noodle was a bit disappointing though. Couldn’t compare with the green pepper – black soybean beef noodle. The portion was quite big – costed $4.99 each. Originally we were going to order 3 dishes, but the lady there told us that 2 dishes may be enough. I like that… she’s honest and polite. Seldom see these kinds of people around these days.

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FYI: Jasmine Chinese Food (香莉粉麵飯)
Woodside Square
1571 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough M1V 1V2
Tel: 416-298-8218

5 thoughts on “Jasmine @ Woodside Square

  1. This store has been there since my days at Albert Campbell if I am not mistaken. Is this the one at the corner? or the one next to it? I didn’t buy from this store tho, I like the one at the corner facing the bubble tea place called Hongkong Express, but they have changed owners several times already. I used to order their chicken steak rice with black pepper sause back then…. It was a good deal, 3.99 rice box with a drick! How can you beat that! Well, that’s like 10 / 15 years ago man!

  2. OH~ you went to Albert Campbell! That’s the one next to HK Express. Not bad… I think they hire chefs from mainland China.

  3. yes, i am one of many many chinese who went to albert campbell for my advanced “education”! hahahaha… are you?

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