It seems that recently I have been running a lot of errands… including some doctor appointments, which I really don’t like – Not that I’m sick and had to see a doctor… It’s just ridiculous that I had to wait for over 1 hour to see the doctor given the fact that I was ON TIME. Unfortunately, there’re gonna be some more, but I think specialists are more well-scheduled.

One day after an appointment, on my way home, I saw these two trees which I found absolutely gorgeous. I wonder how long they’ve been standing there. I guess someone must have been taking good care of them. Look how nicely trimmed they are! For some reasons, I just felt that these two trees are lovers… staying together and observing how Toronto evolves, peacefully.

2 thoughts on “Lovers

  1. 在天願作比翼鳥,在地願為連理枝。天長地久有時盡,此恨綿綿無絕期。

    阿彌陀佛! 善哉…善哉… 😛

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