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Remember when our office first moved to West Beaver Creek, I used to walk along the street in the afternoon… (Really needed some exercise after sitting there all day) Sometimes I would walk by a wooden sign with something like…no sugar apple pie written on it. Although I noticed that board, I never had the urge to get a pie from there. Yesterday, RS brought this in and told me about his trip to that apple pie place.

According to him, the lady there was really proud of the pies she made. She explained to him that the taste of the pie varies as different types of apples are being used. Some people may not like the pie of that day, but s/he may like it on another day when the apples are different. Therefore, she offered him a taste before he bought the apple crumble. There are 2 types of pies that are usually freshly baked – this apple crumble is one of them. All other types of pie (e.g. fruit pies, meat pies) can be baked upon request (but you gotta give them like 2 hours advance notice). You can take a look at the flyers below for more information. Hope they are not too blur to read.

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Took a close-up picture of this Apple Crumble… As stated before, there was no sugar added. Instead Splenda (Sucralose) was used. According to RS, (according to her) since no preservative, color nor MSG was added to the products, the maximum lifespan of the pies would be about 2 days. Well… we finished the whole pie within half an hour. The taste was not bad. Not too sweet (of course… they didn’t put any sugar in it!). Some rolled oats mixed w/ flourwere put on top. Don’t know why… I’m a bit skeptical about these articificial sweeteners. I always think the raw and natural stuffs are the best. On the other hand, if it can make the person feels better (mentally less guilty or physically less calories), then it’s all good. 🙂 Just give it a try when you get a chance. I wanna see that friendly lady as well!

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FYI: Charlotte’s Foods (No Sugar Desserts and More)
55 West Beaver Creek, Unit 45, Richmond Hill, ON.
Tel: 905-709-9079
Open: Mon-Sat 11:30am – 5:00pm; closed Sundays

9 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Apple Crumble

  1. Exactly! Natural sugar is the best, if you Google the names of those sugar substitues and other brands, you will find some scary info!

  2. I don’t think people buy these pies to make them feel better, or less guilty(although I don’t doubt that some do), but I know that my dad goes there often to buy her pies because he is diabetic. In fact, the old lady’s son is diabetic, and that why she starting baking pies for him, I think that’s how she got into the business as I was told.

  3. That’s a good point Julian! Actually the other day I was thinking about the same thing! Thx! I think I should buy the pie for my uncle too!… since he has diabete. 🙂

  4. Her pies don’t have the funny aftertaste as with many sugar-free products. If you have a chance… call ahead for the Wild Blueberry pie… they’re AWESOME!!!! My mom used to work in that area… she brought home a wild blueberry pie and we just loooooved it. kept having it for a while until my mom went to work elsewhere. we kinda forgot about this place, then one day i suddenly craved for that pie and my mom and i drove around to find it. it tasted just as i remembered it. it’s always a good chat with Charlotte when you get in. I don’t know her personally but she always have a good story to tell. 🙂

  5. Marz, Thank you for providing all the good info. Every time when I go out to eat I always come to check your website. I went to Charlotte’s w/ my parents couple weeks ago. I still remember the friendly lady there. First we walked in, Charlotte offered us w/ sample apple pie. 1st two bites were sour. My parents couldn’t handle it. I like the natural taste and texture of the fruits. It seems like she didn’t add any sugar at all. Charlotte speaks so fast that my parents couldn’t understand what Charlotte said. She talks about her son, her business, her friends, and what other customer bought. We bought one of the fruit pie, egg pie, and fruit corn muffin. If you like sour stuff like me then anything in the store is good otherwise try the no fruits products. Couple days ago I went and got a fruit pie for my friend. She loves it! She is crazy about staying healthy (less salt, sugar, oil, everything). One last thing, if you want variety then go early or call ahead so she can make more.

  6. Hi Lil!
    I’m glad that you find this site useful… These days I haven’t been able to update the food info as often, but I’ll try my best. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and leaivng a comment!

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