Labor Day Long Weekend!

Finally, the Labor Day long weekend is here!

Went clubbing last night – my 3rd weekend in a row (after 3+ years of nil-clubbing nights). Instead of the Docks, we went to this new place called Escape. God. I have to say I’d never go there again. I have never had such an empty and dry feeling when I go clubbing. Tried to enjoy the party, but all I felt was my tiredness.

There’s the LOT 332 re-opening party on Sunday. Not sure if it’s gonna be good.

Just wanna have a good time w/ friends and a few drinks.


Last night… the sitemeter counter reached 20,000. That’s a milestone of my life as a blogger. A lot of friends are going out of town this long weekend. Some of them are taking vacation to Asia, some of them are going to the States, some of them are going camping. Me? As you can see, I’m staying in Toronto. Feeling a bit blue these days, especially this gloomy saturday. From what I’ve seen and heard, it seems that a lot of my peers are facing the same crossroad. Crossroad of this stage of life.

(Sat pm)


Thinking of Labor Day, it reminds me of the song, “Labour of Love” by frente!

Just got back from a Chinese Teahouse… feeling good because of the good food!!!

(Sun after-noon)


Monday afternoon… Just woke up and had lunch. Last night we ended up going to Brant House instead of LOT 332. Unexpectedly I bumped into a lot of friends from university, from high school and also some friends of friends. Overall, it was a good party – Enjoyed the music and the dance. I guess it was partly because my expectation dropped right to the bottom after the Friday night party @ Escape. If I had a good time on Friday, I might not have gone to the one last night since… 4 nights of clubbing in 3 weeks just seem to be a bit too much. (well… I’ll take a break next week) The crowd was not bad – mostly Asian Canadian/CBCs, plus some Caucasian and a few Black. Clubbing is good exercise though. Workout during weekdays and clubbing on the weekend – gotta keep the weight down.

(Mon after-noon)


School starts, Summer’s gone, Crawl back to work Tuesday Morning.

(Tue am)

6 thoughts on “Labor Day Long Weekend!

  1. damn margaret. you really are a food critic! i was just reading your previous posts and there are oso many restaurants that you have been to! i am definitely going to go through one by one or ask you which ones you suggest! heheheh! i love your page! keep up the cool postings!

  2. I just went clubbing too. About a 1 year hiatus for me. I feels great to know that you can still party it up like the regulars huh?

    I’m curious about which “crossroads” you’re talking about though. I feel like I’ve been through so many! Hang in there Marz! You rock!

  3. Hey! I wonder how it’s like to go clubbing in Japan. Maybe I should try that next time I’m there. Exactly! being able to party and dance just keeps you young and energetic. Thx for the cheers! I’m hanging in here. 😉

  4. Yea, this Brant House is actually a restaurant during day time… wonder if their food is any good. hum… I wanna check out other clubs/lounges too!

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