Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 雲陽閣川粵菜館

Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 8It has been a gloomy week last week. Wednesday night. Put down my pen, turned off my computer, switched of the lights, locked the door and let office at around 7:10pm. HC called to confirm the address with me. He said, “it’s on 16th. & Spadina, i.e. between Leslie and Bayview.” Two years ago, if anyone mentioned this address to me, I would find it very far. So far that I couldn’t relate to that area. Now, it took me less than 10min to arrive. With a little bit of rain, I just felt like the color of the sky – grey. In that plaza, the only thing I could reckon was the hair salon (JP) that I went to about 3 years ago – recommended by RS. Time flies.

I was about 10 min early. Looking around, walking around, there wasn’t anything interesting. I don’t use BMO, I wasn’t getting anything from the convenient store/ supermarket. i.e. there was nothing I could do there but wait in my car. This restaurant was easy to spot. Once I saw HC and his bro JC, we went in the restaurant. Other people came eventually. While waiting for them, I enjoyed watching the TVB show (Gateau Affairs). It’s a drama about baking.

We ordered some appetitzers:

(1) The first thing that we spotted on the menu was this so-called “Strange taste chicken” (怪味雞)- direct translation from its Chinese name. It’s Chicken + cucumber cubes + chilli + peanut sauce + peanut. The taste wasn’t that strange, but it was quite spicy.
(2) Of course, we also ordered the (小籠包 & 蝦肉小籠包) – these little buns filled with meat soup are actually quite good.
(3) Also ordered the Jelly Fish (海蜇) – nothing spectacular, but I just felt like having those.

Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 1 Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 2

If you eat in, you can see their 2/3/4/5/6 person combos. You get to select 2/3/4/5/6 dishes from the list, and there are also 1 or 2 “house special dish” that come with the combo (e.g. half of a roasted chicken for the 4 person combo we ordered).

Here’re the 4 dishes picked by 4 guys:

(1) Braised Eggplants with Chilli & Garlic Sauce (魚香茄子)
(2) Braised Bean Curd with Vegetable (紅燒豆腐)
(3) Pork Slices with Hot & Spicy Sauce (回鍋肉)
(4) Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper Sauce (黑椒牛柳)

At the end, we had the Deep Fried Red Bean Paste Ball (高力豆沙)

Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 3 Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 4 Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 5 Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 6 Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 7

Since this is a Szechuan/Cantonese restaurant (which we actually forgot when we were there), most of the dishes were quite spicy/hot. Unlike most of the time when the veggies are usually finished last, this time the tofu/veggies were gone fast! The taste was ok. The service was quite good. The lady, who I think might be the owner, and the server were polite. From observation, this restaurant should be a family-run restaurant. There was a elementary school kid (might be that lady’s son – LOL don’t take all these for real coz these are my guesses) that helps out too.

There was a cantonese soup that came with the combo – not bad. Overall, the food there was so-so. Not very impressive. I guess maybe we just haven’t ordered the right thing. I could see some other people enjoying the seafood there.

The price was about $15/person (after T&T).

FYI: Lotus Hall Chinese Cuisine 雲陽閣川粵菜館
#1 Spadina Road, Unit 21-23 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3M2
(between Leslie & Bayview; on 16th Ave.)
Tel: 905-508-6389
10% Discount on Cash Pick-up Order over $20 (before tax)
Free delivery for Order over $20 (before tax)

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