Restoran Malaysia

Don’t know why… I really like this photo – taken during our last visit to Restorian Malaysia in early July. The place was renovated. Five persons ordered 5 entrees plus roti. Food was even better than before. (I found the dishes didn’t taste as strong as they used to be.)

Looking at this pictures, I feel that I have to be thankful that I am alive, healthy and fortunate.

Restorian Malaysia

FYI: Restoran Malaysia
815 Major Mackenzie Dr. E., Richmond Hill
Tel: 905-508-1432 (Heard they’re not accepting reservation though)

5 thoughts on “Restoran Malaysia

  1. I find their food is too pricy. The quality is good but not excellent. For the same quality of food, I would rather to go the First Markham Place food court where there is Malay restaurant. I found a lot of people like their Laksa. If you like Pad thai, their Pad Thai is good too

  2. I liked it first (before the renovation), but for some reasons… after about a yr or so, I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired of it or if the food isn’t that great anymore.

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