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I LOVE SEAFOOD!!! But lately I think I’ve had too much seafood. Since the night of Starfish, I’ve had seafood 3 nights in a row. Monday night… Went to Rol Jui, one of my favourite Chinese restaurant – where you can get one of the cheapest good seafood combos in T-dot. Another night, I had the lobster e-mein @ Congee Wong (FMP); the night after, had the crab combo @ Peaktop (FMP). Yum… but started to feel a bit bored.

My Rol Jui revisit:

Driving downtown on Dundas, heading west. Before you hit Spadina, you will see Rol Jui on your right side. You can either park at the parking lot across the street, or you may park on the backstreets. That night we arrived at around 9:00pm. Surprisingly, we were one of the 2 tables there. So, we, 2 persons, ordered a 3-dish seafood combos. After a while, we started to see people coming in… Wow, I thought we ate late – there were actually a lot of people having dinner after 9:30pm!!! Maybe it’s summer time.

(1) The big red sign outside the restaurant

(2) The wooden board with the seafood combo selections on it

(3) The combo menu on paper – there are two types of combo: one with seafood, one without seafood.

(4) Big bowl of canton soup that comes with the combo – I like it although it still couldn’t compare with the ones that we make at home. Felt bad coz we couldn’t finish it.

Rol Jui 1 Rol Jui 2 Rol Jui 3 Rol Jui 4

For the seafood combo, each table can order up to 1 lobster dish or 1 crab dish. Although I actually like crab better, we chose the lobster since it would be relatively easy to eat in the public :p.

Here is what we ordered:

(5) Ginger and onion double lobsters

Rol Jui 5

(6) Deep fried Oysters with broccoli

Rol Jui 6

(7) Mayo shrimps with broccoli – there is an elegant Chinese name for this dish, but this is basically what it is. There used to be a Thousand Island shrimps that we like, but they don’t have that anymore. This shrimp dish was ok – still prefer the thousand island sauce.

Rol Jui 7

(8) At the end, we also had the Chinese dessert – papaya sweet soup – a bit too sweet for me though.

Rol Jui 8

Overall, the revisit was good – although the lobsters could be fresher. The service was not bad. The price was good! Two person, 3 huge seafood dishes + 2 bowls of rice + soup + dessert + 1 beer. After tax, it was about $50 (or a bit less than that, can’t remember.)

FYI: Rol Jui 龍敘軒
472 Dundas St. W., Toronto
Tel: 416-971-8885

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