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Kenzo Ra-men 8One Friday evening… while doing some window-shopping after work, I called up a friend, AF, to see whatz up w/ her. It was around 7:00pm. Our friend, DC, and her were trying to think of a place to eat. There were a lot of activities/functions/events going on that night. One of them was the Night Market near Warden and Steeles. They were thinking of going to Asian Legend @ Metro Square for dinner – but there were just too much people because of the night market event. Don’t know why – When she asked me for dinner ideas, I suddenly thought of a name – Kenzo, near Yonge and Steeles. I have seen this place many times I drove by that area. (I think I always see lots of restaurants while I am driving. At that moment, I always tell myself that I will try them… but when I’m not on the road, I usually just can’t remember any of those places.) :\

At around 7:30pm they were already there waiting for a table, while I was still stuck on 401. When I arrived, we got a table wintin 10 min. The Ra-men place is not a big one – Including the bar, it can seat about 30 people. I was actually quite surprised as there were quite a lot of customers in this small Ra-men place. Looking at the menu – luckily they have items other than the ra-men (since my bf isn’t too fond of noodle/ra-men – don’t wanna torture him w/ this – one of my favourite food).

Here’s what we ordered…

In order – Takoyaki (octopus balls – they have 4 different flavours), beef donburi set dinner, Miso Ramen, Shi-o Ramen, Hot Netsu Ramen with five toppings (a.k.a. The king of the Kings Ramen), and the seafood pancake.

Kenzo Ra-men 1 Kenzo Ra-men 2 Kenzo Ra-men 3

Kenzo Ra-men 4 Kenzo Ra-men 5 Kenzo Ra-men 6

The Ramen… I found, was so-so. I had the Miso one. The portion was just right coz I wasn’t that hungry and didn’t want to get a huge one like the king of the Kings, but I found the Miso soup base was just ok. I remember I asked TW about this restaurant and he didn’t recommend it. However, at the same time, I saw quite a lot of people like this ramen place (from some online forums). Maybe it comes to the authentic vs. tasty thing again. I don’t know if this ramen place is truly authentic although it seems to emphasize the “original Japanese Ra-men”. I found this ramen ok – nothing spectacular.

Kenzo Ra-men 7

The octopus balls and seafood pancake were quite good. The beef donburi was a bit different from the ones that we usually get from the Japanese restaurant. There was a lot of sauce/juice at the bottom of the don. The service and price was ok, nothing that I want to praise/complain about. Next time, if you want to go, remember they have more parking spaces at the back. You know… if you go to the little restaurants near Yonge, that’s usually the case.

FYI: Kenzo Ra-men
6180 Yonge Street (south of steeles)
Tel: 416-229-4526
Open: 11am-10pm, 7 days/week

10 thoughts on “Kenzo Ra-men

  1. I’ve only been to that area a few times… but of course, if you know any good place there, just let me know 🙂

  2. Wow! Look at all that aonori on that okonomiyaki(pancake) looking thing. They really load that stuff on there. Did you smile big after taking a bite of that? That stuff is notorious for getting stuck everywhere in your teeth. I make it a point to NEVER have it on my food.

    Doh! That’s right I forgot you had a BF. I’m sad. (:_;)

  3. Hey! You know… things are big in North America. That’s why people are huge here… =p and yeah! I know what “pancake” is in Japanese 🙂

    Um… yeah. I do have a bf. =p HAHHA …I’m actually love nori! but I just have to check my teeth afterwardz.

  4. I’m one of those who likes their ramen 🙂 I love ramen and they have the most authentic ramen I’ve ever tried in Toronto. I only tried Shoyu ramen there, very simple…everything is just right to me. Their gyoza is pretty good too…ramen and gyoza…perfect combination 🙂 I like their octopus balls too…very filly though.

  5. i usually end up getting the king of kings ramen .. not so much for the ramen, but the spicy soup and all the other stuff — the chasiu they give with the ramen is ultra tasty .. the ramen itself was “alright” ..

  6. I have done some ads for time in this magazine I’m involved in but I have yet to try out their food. The octopus balls looks the same as the pictures they asked me to put up but the ramen… hehe its obvious they dressed it up in the photos they sent me.

  7. HAHA You should try them out without telling them that you’re visiting – so you’ll know if it’s actually good or not.

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