Vacation 12 – Dessert @ Kowloon City

I hate it when things like this happen. I have been trying to type up this post twice, but I lost what I typed twice. First time was because of the IE, second time was because I’ve forgotten that I’ve cleared the cookies and I had to logon again.
Dessert @ Kowloon CitySometime I believe in fate – if it’s supposed to be yours, it will be yours eventually. One night my friend JC wanted to show me a very nice dessert place in Kownloon City. So, after walking around the Temple Street (that’s exactly what a “tourist” would do… but somehow we were there for the bird’s fortune telling), we hopped into her car and there Kowloon City we went! (with high expectation!) Believe it or not, we couldn’t find that dessert place after walking up and down, east to west on the streets, and even after she made a phone call to her friend for direction. Gosh… that was kinda frustrating. Although I didn’t want to give up, we were just too tired. Afterall, it’s more important to sit down and chat.

So we just went to one of the dessert places and ordered a taro bubble tea and a green bean sweet soup (清心丸綠豆爽 or something like that). They were so-so…


After that night, I thought I would leave HK without even knowing which dessert place she was referring to. (Yea, she couldn’t even remember the name of the store – the only thing she remembered was that it was a very small place with another location just opened across the same street.)

3 days before I left, my friend CC called and asked if I wanted to have dinner with her. It was 8:30pm and I just woke up. (As you can see, my lifestyle was totally f*ed-up when I was in HK.) So I met her at APM @ 9pm and went to Suzuki for dinner. (I will tell you more about that restaurant later.) After dinner, she mentioned that dessert place again, and we went there immediately. Took the minibus and went to Kowloon City again. This time, we went directly to the store.

Dessert @ Kowloon City 1 It was a really small store, just like what JC described. When we arrived, it was already 12:00 at night, but there were a lot of customers. On the wall, you can see many photos of the desserts and a weekly best sellers chart. We were given two menus – one with the pictures of the best sellers and house specials, the other one is the normal menu with best selling items in red. Dessert @ Kowloon City 2 Dessert @ Kowloon City 3

So, here’s what we ordered:

1. 金枝玉葉 (楊枝金露改良版) – mango puree with mango, longan, grapefruit and 椰纖果)

Dessert @ Kowloon City 5

2. 咖啡果涷伴炭燒雪芭 – coffee jelly with coffee ice-cream. I really love this one… there are some little chewy coffee cubes in the rich coffee ice-cream; and the coffee jello was a very good balance for the richness of the ice-cream.


Dessert @ Kowloon City 4
3. I also ordered another one to go – for my mother. It was the 百合南瓜清心丸薏米露 – lotus bulb, pumpkin, etc. sweet soup. (Please pardon my poor English translation.) Although it doen’t look that good in the photo here, but it tasted quite good. 

Dessert @ Kowloon City 7Dessert @ Kowloon City 6

I know I will miss this place. When we left the place, the cashier lady (I believe she is the owner) gave us a stamp card and business card. She also asked us to refer some friends if we liked the desserts. Looking at their business card, there was a map with the directions of the one-way roads indicated. I can see they put a lot of efforts into this dessert place.People can always tell if you’ve put your effort and enthusiatic about your work.

I respect that.

If you go to HK by any chance, you can try it out. Hope their quality will be consistent.

FYI: 金滿堂甜品 (“Gum Moon Tong” Dessert) 九龍城城南道6號, 9號.
(i.e. 6, 9 South Wall Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong); Open: 3pm – 2am;
Tel: (852) 23833102; Catering: (852) 62016647

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