Restaurant Revisits

I know I’ve been blogging a lot about my HK trip. Some of you may think – Where’s the Toronto restaurants? You know, I’ve been eating out for 3 weeks straight in HK. I love to dine out, but not to do that 3 meals per day, 7 days per week. I’m tired of eating out or thinking of places to eat!

Nevertheless, just to keep a record of my re-visits… During the period of April 28 – June 26, top of my mind, here are the places that I’ve eaten at: (Gotta give these restaurants pop quiz once in a while ;p)

* Le Cafe Michi – went there for a Friday lunch with 2 other colleagues. The quality and service was consistent. We had a Unagi Don, Premium sushi combo, a spicy tuna roll and another maki.

* Kenny’s Noodle (First Markam store) – went there for a Friday lunch with 5 other colleagues. Compared to my last visit, the experience was quite disappointing. The food was okay. There were some residues on the tea cups.

* Yang’s Sushi Bar (4261 Hwy 7 E., C10, Markham; Tel: 905-944-0818) – heard from a friend about this AYCE sushi place. Operated by Chinese. Went there on a Sunday night for a friend’s birthday. The food may not be authentic, but the taste and quality were better than average AYCE places.

* Quizno’s Sub (Apple Creek store) – Haven’t had Quizno’s Sub for such a long time. I remember the first time I had it was at the monthly meeting at TD. They ordered Quizno’s Sub for everyone. At that time, there were only a few Quizno’s stores in Toronto and the price was higher. This revisit was good. The place was run by Chinese, but the quality was standard and the server was polite and friendly.

* Rex Saigon – Again, Friday lunch. Unexpectedly, the restaurant was all packed. It wasn’t like that last time I went. The food was consistent.

* Montana’s (Yonge & Hwy 7 location) – Went there Friday night during NBA playoff. The food was as usual. Their waiting cards are cute – they gave us a card instead of a number. When the table was ready, they called us by what’s written on the card, e.g. polar bear.

* Ginger & Onion Cuisine (Market Village) – Same old. Price and quality were consistent.

* Takara Bune – We actually revisited them several times. Every time the service was good and we were satisfied. Apparently they have consolidated the menu to a few combos on a separate sheet. I find that really helpful as compared to having an overwhelming huge menu and don’t know what to order.

* Dun Huang Chinese Cuisine – The new Chinese restaurant/banquet hall on 2/F of Time Square. Eight of us, including a couple who are going to get married next year, went there to try out the food. The taste of the food was not bad. However, I found the service not satisfactory. The waitresses paid a lot of attention to the table beside us because they know the manager there. The servers of our table were not coordinating very well. They changed half of our plates half way and did not change the other half. We ordered a group combo. The portion was good – we ordered a 6-person combo for 8 persons since we were not that hungry and half of us were girls. i.e. if you order it for 6 persons, it should be good. The price was relatively high. If you happen to go there by any chance, you will see they have very nice deco, elaborated utensils and huge dishes, which I found quite useless. The dishes just took up a lot of space and it was stupid.

* Lone Star – Went there again with colleagues for a fairwell dinner. The food was also very consistent. Juicy steaks that comes with their Fajitas and this time we also tried their samplers…

* Casey’s – Went to the Yorkdale location twice in one month. Just happened to be there… Tried their Fajitas and it was so-so. Ordered their chicken wings both visits and it was quite good. Also had the Butcher Block/Classic burger … it was okay… but my friend said the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich wasn’t that good.

I guess that’s about it… Can’t remember where else I’ve revisited. There are actually a few new restaurants that I’ve been to during the past 2 months and I will write about those later…


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