Vacation 10 – Yuen Long

There were a lot of flashbacks when I was in Yuen Long. It was good to see some old folks again. As we get older, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep in touch with friends. It’s just life and there’s nothing much we can do about it. When I am in Toronto, I would imagine how nice it would be if I were living in HK – I can hang out with a lot of my old friends and a lot of my Toronto friends who are now working in Hong Kong.

Well, I’m not silly enough to think it’d turn out that way IF I were living in HK. The reality is, if I’m there, I may not even get to see these people once a year. My trip to HK was actually the main reason for their gathering. That day, after coming back from my Shenzhen trip and going to Sheung Wan for Chinese dried seafood/medicines, I went to Yuen Long for dinner. Took the MTR and then West Rail. During this trip, I found Yuen Long was actually very convenient. There were 24 hour buses and mini-buses. Tiu King Lang/Ocean Shores, where I stayed for a week, was way too inconvenient. The only way I could go home late at night was to take a taxi, which would cost me about HKD100. That night we had dinner at the outdoor area near 同益街市 (Tong Yik Market). Well, it’s not a “patio” because it’s more like a street eat. I miss the “Dai Pai Dong” (大排檔). The dishes cooked under strong “fire” are more delicious… you can actually see the huge fire underneath the big black wok. Also, the rice you get at the “Dai Pai Dong” tends to smell better. Five of us ordered a few dishes as you can see below. The taste/quality of the food was actually very so-so, or not so good. The service wasn’t good either. So, the whole experience (except that part that I could see my friends again) wasn’t that good at all…

After dinner, we walked to the west side towards the Yuen Long Theatre for desserts. Most of us ordered the Mango herbal jelly (芒果涼粉), which was quite good. I also liked the Mango Mochi (芒果糯米滋). It was delicious… made it up for the dinner.

Dessert @ Yuen Long 1 Dessert @ Yuen Long 3 Dessert @ Yuen Long 2

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