Vacation 3 – Fast Food & Other

McDonald's Fan-tastic 1There were several things that I wanted to try in HK. One of them is the McDonald’s rice burger (Fan-tastic). Therefore, on the third day of arrival, I went to M and checked this out. As you can see, the package is quite nice. When we were there, M was very busy (as usual). I could also see M has opened up the “cafe” section, where you can get sandwiches, cakes, coffee, etc. The thing is… the “cafe” area is designated for the “cafe customers” – i.e. unless you buy from the cafe, you can’t sit there (even if you’ve bought a fan-tastic combo).

I didn’t really look at the price @ the cafe, but I’m sure M’s gonna increase its profit by segmenting this market.

Take a closer look at the rice burger…

McDonald's Fan-tastic 2

It just doesn’t seem as big as the one in the ad. The taste wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t too disappointing neither. The way the rice stick together is actually quite cool… I think it’s Japanese rice (similar to sushi rice – stickier than the Chinese/Thai ones), and it’s not too soggy/dry. Of course… it’s McDonald’s! They must have done lots of research and testing before launching this product. I’d say, if I were living in HK, I’d buy this burger 1 out of 5 McDonald’s visits.

Fish Balls @ Causeway Bay

How can I not get the fish balls in HK?! Yummy :p

Yummy plum candy from JapanGot this Japanese plum candy from my friend, RS. It was very good!!! Really tastes like plum:) I think there’s real plum in the ingredient. I don’t snack a lot, but I really like it. You gotta try this if you get a chance!

Wax-appleAnd… I gotta thank CF for letting me to stay at her place. She’s one of the few girls that I know who can be party animal and a good housemaker. She bought these wax-apples (蓮霧) along with a lot of other fruits for me when I was there. I love the wax-apples! Not too sweet, but they’re very tasty in a special way.

9 thoughts on “Vacation 3 – Fast Food & Other

  1. 我現在才知道(圖五)這東西叫 Wax-Apple (蓮霧)!!
    菜市場裡的人都稱它作蟠桃果! 🙂

  2. Yup… I think there’re several names for this fruit. There’s also the green version as you my know.

  3. Sigh, I don’t think they are available here. The last time I had a 蓮霧 it was over 10 years ago back in Taiwan. I miss that crisp, juicy, sweetness… my gradma used to own a 蓮霧 farm.

  4. Yup! you can get them @ T&T supermarket… I just saw them today, they are called “rose apple”… but very expensive, it’s like $4-5 for 3 apples!

    Hey Ray, you from TW?

  5. Seriously!? I might just buy them for old times sake. Funny you asked, I was just listening to M.C. Hotdog’s 我愛台妹 on your radio. Yes, I am from TW :]

    Another thing, I just checked out Lion City yesterday with two friends. I must give my nod of approval. I haven’t had lots Singaporean food before. (Well, once, at a food court in Richmond B.C.) so I can’t comment on the authenticity but what we had was good. Following your recommendation, the 海南雞飯 was tender and very aromatic. The rice itself is cooked with chicken oil. We also tired a wrap in spring roll skins, mee pok, and this spicy vermicelli soup. The vermicelli was flavored with this Thai spice called “lasak” and gave the dish a “zesty pop”. We’ll go back again for sure. (After we make our rounds to the places you wrote about here). Pricing was reasonable. Three people full with $30 for dinner. If you want to see a couple pix of the food, I have them in the most recent entry of my blog.

  6. That’s what I guessed too… 

    WOW! Another good review about this restaurant, I gotta go there next time (don’t know when, coz it’s kinda far for me :p)

  7. are you guys talking about Restauran Malay, up at Major Mac + Bayview .. ? it was pretty good .. very authentic, from what i hear ..

  8. We’re talking about another Malaysian/ Singaporean restaurant in Mississauga, called Lion City. I heard a lot of good comments about that restaurant. Ray just went try it out.

    I’ve been to the one near Major Mac + Bayview several times and it was good too!

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