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Mug & Truffle Chocolate Cafe 1To me, a perfect weekend afternoon = sunshine + drink + relax. It can be a at the beach in Maldives, at home sitting by the backyard, or something like last weekend. AF suggested going to this place because of an article in a magazine. Good Friday, around 3:30pm, 5 of us came to this cafe. It’s located on Hwy 48 (= Main Street Markham N.). If you drive on Markham Road, go north, pass Hwy7, it will be on your left side. Mug & Truffle isn’t really standout, but if you look at the street number, you will see building (strip mall) where it is located. When we stepped into the cafe, there were already 3-4 customers, 2 sitting at the corner and 2 ordering coffee. Looking around the cafe, there is the coffee beans and tea collection on the left.

As you can see, there are some tables behind the collection… With the 2 big 1-person-sofas, the area can seat about 15-20 people.

Mug & Truffle Chocolate Cafe 4

On the right side, there is the truffle collection. Looks really good, but I didn’t try the truffle. I’ll probably leave it til next time.

Mug & Truffle Chocolate Cafe 5

You can also order cakes there. These cakes LOOKS really sweet. One of my friend tried it and said it was good. If any of you have tried the cakes, please let me know how you like them.

Mug & Truffle Chocolate Cafe 6

Coffee and tea on the left, truffle and cake on the right. The cashier is in the middle, with blackboard on the wall, indicating the various types of coffee and drinks you can get. That afternoon, there were 3 persons working there. A mid-age gentleman, a slim mid-age woman and also a short-blond-hair girl. I guess that afternoon might be one of the busiest time they’ve ever seen. 9 of us just marched into this little cafe that afternoon. (oh, almost forgot to mention that another 4 friends also joined us and came to this place about 5 minutes later) Crazy people… I could see their usual pace was totally interrupted. They forgot about my drink and mixed up other 2 drinks. Since we didn’t know if we would stay there long, we ordered the coffee to go – that’s why you’re seeing all these paper cups. The people there were very nice and said if they knew we were staying, they would have given us nicer cups.

Yea… We stayed there and chatted for quite a while. Relaxed and I thought… If we went there in a smaller group, that would even be better. By the way, they also have HotSpot there in case you wanna use your laptop.

On top of the sofa, I saw a cushion that says – “Coffee, Chocolate, Men… Are better to be Rich”. What a cute cushion. 🙂

Mug & Truffle Chocolate Cafe 3Mug & Truffle Chocolate Cafe 2

On the left is the Mocha Latte that I ordered. It was pretty good. On the right is my friend’s drink… Had a sip of some of the drinks – and I would say I like the “Milky Way” best… It’s not too sweet. (Can’t remember the whole name, but you’ll know which one I’m talking about if you’re there).

FYI: Mug & Truffle Chocolate Café
144 Main Street Markham N, ON L3P 5T3
Tel. : 905-294-3666

6 thoughts on “Mug & Truffle Chocolate Café

  1. The cakes look like from La Rocca Creative Cakes. I could be wrong though. La Rocca Creative Cakes have their own website.

  2. Dear Marz,
    I just want to thank you for your thoughts and picture’ or our cafe , my wife and I( middle aged guy) really found you description of our cafe to be quite wonderfull, you are welcome any time , And to the other responder , yes Larocca is one of our many Bakery suppliers, Dufflets and 5 or so other quality baked product companies. we are also fair trade coffee and belgian chocolate purveyers.


  3. The Nug and Truffle Chocolate Cafe is a cosy, comfortable and relaxing place to go for a yummy snack or lunch, with many coffee and tea specialties. The owners Jan and Brad are always inviting and friendly, as they serve up fresh,quality desserts or free trade coffee treats. In the over 3 years the cafe’s been open, Jan and Brad have brought in an increasingly large collection of Belgian truffles, biscuits, teas, coffees and hot chocolates that can be packaged as delicious gifts. Need a quality gift? Ask Jan about the terrific variety of baskets that the Mug and Truffle has become famous for. Try it out! Your visit will not disappoint. In good weather, you will even have the choice of sitting indoors or ouside on the patio area.

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