IQ challenge

Marz...Sometimes I find myself quite nerdy… Saturday night… There I was. Spent over an hour, trying to solve an IQ question at a Bubble Tea place. Finally, I solved it!!! YEAH!

How can you get 10 individual triangles using 2 straight lines & a star?

8 thoughts on “IQ challenge

  1. Whoa! I guess that’s one way to build up an appetite 🙂
    But wait… the triangles have to be completely seperate? Can some overlap to form larger or smaller triangles? Cause I figured out a way that makes 14! Maybe you can post your diagram. If you solve it, do you get free bubble tea?? :p

  2. I myself freak out when strangers compliment me. It’s shallow and downright creepy sometimes. But hell, I’ll say it anyways, Wow you’re cute! And if you figured out that IQ puzzle, you’re definitely smarter than me. I gave up after 10 min. 🙂

  3. hahaha! Thanks for the compliments! Tell you something… You are one of the few people that find me “cute” :p

  4. I use the word cute for everything. Must be due to the fact that I live here I Japan. Sexy, hot, gorgeous, exotic … I use one word to describe them all here: cute. I guess I’m just not that descriptive when describing people. But in your case, take your pick of adjectives. That’s you in your pic. Ha!

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