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Unionville Arms Pub & Grill 5It was a Monday, last Monday. After the presentation, JK and I were all so tired and exhausted. Got back to the office, finished off some stuffs and we left at around 5:30pm. What a record! So far, from the day we started working there, that was one of the few times that we could actually leave before 6pm. We were thinking of having a drink after our presentation to reward ourselves for all the hard work and extra hours that we’ve put in. However, at that moment, I could say our brain could no longer function properly. Top of my mind – Main Street is the place we should go.

Therefore, here we go! We drove on Hwy 7. Traffic was as usual – quite bad during that time, but I was relatively impatient that day. Anyhow, we made a left turn into Main Street, parked at the back, and then walked into the Unionville Arms Pub & Grill. Actually before we matched into this pub, we checked out other restaurants, e.g. Blacksmith (which was suggested by my friend AH another day), but we just didn’t feel like going there that evening.

Unionville Arms Pub & Grill. I remember I’ve been to this place about 2 years ago. That was a similar occasion, but instead of a real-world presentation for client, it was a marketing/entrepreneurship project. One of the group members, who happened to live around that area, suggested going to this place. Too bad, I couldn’t recall what I had, but my impression about the food was so-so; the place was pretty good. The atmosphere was great. It’s a good place to have a drink especially after a hard day.

Back to this visit… When we arrived there around 6pm, there were already quite a lot of patrons. Colleagues, friends, family with kids… all sorts of people. We were led to a small rectangular table on the right side at the back. The table was very small, and I wasn’t really comfortable sitting there since the waiter kept walking by between my chair and the chair of the person at the other table. Anyhow, I was too tired to even ask to change the table. Looking at the menu, originally I was going to order the Pub Pie. After I found out the pub pie ingredients for the day was liver and beef, argh, I didn’t feel like having that. So I ordered my favourite comfort food, the French onion soup, and the green salad instead. JK ordered the veggie pizza.

Unionville Arms Pub & Grill 1

Here’s the French onion soup. The look is good, but the taste was just so-so. It’s not as salty as the one you usually get from all the other restaurants, but the broth was just not good. Anyhow… I finished it all coz I love the cheese and I was extremely hungry (didn’t have lunch at all). After that I was so full and had to wrap the salad to go. You know, if you don’t eat for a long time, your stomach will become so small that you can’t even eat a lot.

Unionville Arms Pub & Grill 2

Unionville Arms Pub & Grill 3

JK’s pizza was actually pretty good. Although she asked for minimal cheese to be put between the layers of crust, and no cheese on the top, it still tasted pretty good. Had a slice and I think maybe I’ll order something like this next time.

Unionville Arms Pub & Grill 4

Also, on the side, we ordered a cranberry juice and a cup of iced tea.

Unionville Arms Pub & Grill 6Chat chat chat. We had separated bills, my bill was about $17 after T&T for the onion soup, salad and iced tea, not bad at all. The next day I ate the salad and it was still pretty fresh. The thousand island sauce was quite sweet and creamy compared to the ones I usually get.

Overall, the service was pretty good, the waitress was polite and prompt. I also heard they have pretty good wings. You may wanna check it out.

FYI: Unionville Arms Pub & Grill
189 Main Street, Unionville, Ontario L3R 2G8
Tel: 905-470-8831

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