Maydoh Restaurant 美都餐廳

Maydoh 1Maydoh Restaurant Coffee & Tea 美都餐廳
1661 Denison St. Unit 8, Markham
(S.W. of Kennedy and Denison)
Tel: 905-415-6926
Open 7 days; 7am – 11pm

Friday Lunch. Me and my colleagues came to Maydoh. RS has been mentioning about Maydoh since long time ago, but we haven’t had a chance to eat there until last Friday. According to RS, the steak lover, Maydoh’s steak is one of the best (quality + price = value-wise) steak in Toronto. Here we go!

Maydoh is a quite typical HK style “tea restaurant”, where you can get a breakfast/afternoon tea for a low price, lunch combo with soup (choices of Chinese vs. Western soup), main course (usually a choice of 5-6 items + a choice of rice/veggie/spaghetti), and finally a drink.

When we first came to this restraurant at around 1pm, it was all packed!!! You can see a lot of heads from the picture below. On the wall, you can see the lunch combos and dinner specials. After waiting for about 5-10 min, we got our table. You know, standing there waiting for a table really reminds me of the old days… when I was a kid, we used to stand besides the tables in the Chinese Tea (Dim Sum) House in order to get a table. Although it was kinda annoying to those who are eating there, that’s the way it was. (Unlike now, we all get a number and wait outside.)

Maydoh 10Maydoh 9

Maydoh 2 This is the Cantonese soup that came with my lunch combo. Tastes good – maybe a little bit too sweet.

Maydoh 6
This is the steak my colleague ordered. Big portion. Looks ok, but let me taste it first…

Maydoh 3This is GOOD! Very tender and juicy. Given the price (around $13 for the combo) and quality… Yea, I would agree that it’s among one of the best-value steak combo in the T.O.

Maydoh 4
This is the fish (Flounder 龍利) cutlet that my other colleague ordered. The cutlet was HUGE!!!
Maydoh 5
Finally, here comes my curry chicken! (There’s a bowl of rice that came with it) I still remember when I mentioned Maydoh to some of my other friends, they told me that the curry is another thing that I should try (beside the steak). This curry chicken lunch combo costs $4.99 and the portion is enough to feed a big guy. (But I finished the whole thing anyway coz it was good LOL!) Another night when we had a take-out gathering, I ordered this curry chicken and my friends liked it as well.

Maydoh 7Also took some pictures of its menus. As you can see, they have breakfast and afternoon tea items starting at $1.99. Pretty good deal.

Maydoh 8Maydoh 11

The experience was good. They also welcome take-out.
Aside: I also tried their “Spanish style seafood fried rice”, but it was so-so.

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  1. Marz, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy visiting your blog! The pictures look great and I love the stories that accompany the pictures. I always look forward to seeing where you went to eat. A good distraction for when I’m hungry but stuck at work!

  2. Gee… luckily that you’re not 阿差…

    Cos… I’ve heard this before from somebody…

    阿差食咖哩…考試考第尾… 😛

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