Wine anyone?

Less than 1 week and it will be Christmas!!! I’ve been thinking of what kinds of food I should bring to the Christmas parties this year. Recently, I’ve seen a recommendation of a sparkling wine from Blue Nun that’s very suitable for the holiday gatherings. It’s not a popular brand that you would think of, but I’d like to try. The gold flakes seem to be good for this festive season.

Gold Edition is a high quality sparkling wine, with a full, rounded flavour. Light and elegant in style, what makes it really distinctive is that it contains fine flakes of 22-carat gold leaf, designed to highlight its natural effervescence. A great apéritif or accompaniment for light meals and hors d’oeuvres, this is the perfect wine for celebrations and special occasions. For life’s golden moments.

The thing is that I just can’t find it in Toronto. I’ve searched the LCBO and the Wine Rack, but they don’t carry this sparkling wine. Maybe I’d go for its white wine instead.

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Crazy marz… I actually emailed Blue Nun and see if I could get the sparkling wine in Toronto, Canada. Here’s the answer”

Thank you very much for your request in our BLUE NUN GOLD Sparkling wine. Unfortunately this great product is not distributed in Canada.

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