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Here we are… Sierra, the California Grill outside Bayview Village. Still remember I had my birthday dinner there last year. Last night, it was for FH’s b-day. Seven of us came to this place at around 8pm. There were quite a lot of patrons although it was a Tuesday. What’s special about this place is their Fresh Garden Market, the salad bar. If you order their entree, most of them come with the Market. If the Market isn’t included, it can be added for an additional $4.00. There is a wide variety of salad you can choose from. e.g. the seafood/tuna pasta salads, garden salads, coleslaw, bean salad, goat cheese + tomatoes, grilled eggplants, fruits, various kinds of breads, and usually 2 kinds of soup… So last night I was thinking of getting the Market by itself ($12.49), but for a few bucks more I could also get a hot entree… So I ended up getting the fish + Market included.

By the time my entree came, I was half-full already because of the salad bar. The salads were so filling! The fillet was actually not bad. (I assume it would taste better if I hasn’t eaten anything before that).

Sierra 2
Citrus-Baked Orange Roughy
A mild fillet of Orange Roughy topped with fresh orange and grapefruit wheels,
baked and served with a tangy mango jalapeno dressing. 17.99

Sierra 3
Tuesday Special – Sesame Honey-Glazed Chicken & Shrimp 17.99
(According the FH, the chicken was quite tough… not tender enough.)

Sierra 1
Bacon-Cheddar Burger
Melted cheddar cheese with crispy strips of bacon 10.99 (Had a bite, was OK)

FYI: Sierra California Grill
Bayview Village, 2901 Bayview Ave., Toronto
Tel: 416-224-1700

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  1. Mmmmmmm…..
    Your Blog always makes me hungry!
    To loose weight, I just look at the pictures instead of eating! Kidding.

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