I’m still alive 還沒死

Hi there, my friends and those who are reading this.

I haven’t updated my blog for 10+ days – what a record. I figured I should post something and let you know that I’m still alive. What did I do lately besides work and sleep? To tell you the truth, I don’t quite remember. Suddently it’s mid-November already and December’s X’mas is coming.

The only thing I know is that I’ve been treating myself quite well these days – got enough sleep, wore nicely to work, DIY spa at home, and tried to relax despite the stress that comes from all directions. Downloaded lots of album at home, and be the office DJ at work. Playing all the songs while working. You know, sometimes the data cleaning part is kinda tedious and I need something to spice it up a bit. What else? Yea, I bought a pair of skates the other days and went skating. HAHAHHAA Can you imagine that? I haven’t skated for such a long time and I could barely skate the first day. Then, I just had a trainer at the gym and started my first session on Sunday – I need to get back in shape, and by February next year I should be able to fit in most of my pants. (My new year resolution)

Some people I know like to change their hair styles constantly, just like I like to try different restaurants constantly. (And yes, I actually dined out a few times recently. Just that I haven’t had the right mood to write about it here yet). Back to the hair topic… I’m thinking of making a change – maybe a dramatic one. Not sure yet. Trying to experiment – but it could be a total failure.

Last night, I finally signed up for the 2b. It gives you a HK phone number so that your friends in HK can dial the “local” phone no. and talk to you; and of course, you can also dial the HK phone no. and talk to them. Pretty cool. However, the program seems to be not working well with multiple Windows XP account… Used it once last night and the quality was quite good. Plus, it’s free for the first 3 months =)

5 thoughts on “I’m still alive 還沒死

  1. Hey Margaret,
    Happy to hear your still alive and having a great time 🙂 All I do is write essays 🙁
    How about a mohawk :p
    Take care and keep enjoying life.

  2. Yeah, you’re right! It’s not so bad. I’m grateful I have the opportunity to further my education and a very supportive mother and sister.
    I’m Cheered up 🙂

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