3 Years ago…Saigon Star 三年前的西貢星

Dining with a huge group is always better. You get to try more dishes without paying more. Also, the food is usually more tasty because you are not eating a lot of the same kind. Had a conversation with my colleague the other day and mentioned Saigon Star. From my previous experience, Saigon Star has been a pretty decent restaurant. Good food and good service. But due to the fact that my bf doesn’t like Vietnamese food, I just haven’t been to Saigon Star for quite a while… Maybe I’ve only been there once in the past 3.5 years.

I’m not sure if the food quality now is as good as it was back then… Last time I went, I was with another 9-10 people. So, we got to try different dishes, the famous dishes. I LOVED IT. And I remember I did take some pictures… BUT the pictures weren’t retreived until recently because (1) I totally forgot about it til recently (2) I couldn’t find the USB line (3) The camera wasn’t working.

OK… I’m hungry now…
So I’m gonna post some of the pictures here and share with you guys ^^

Saigon Star 1

Saigon Star 2

Saigon Star 3

Saigon Star 4

Saigon Star 5

FYI: Saigon Star
330 Hwy7 E., Richmond Hill; Tel: 905-731-7221

5 thoughts on “3 Years ago…Saigon Star 三年前的西貢星

  1. 味王bu: umumum… huh?! 好好味呀!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 But what’s that in the second dish?

  2. Hell to the no!!!!! my experience w/ saigon star has been tres disappointing during the last few yrs. I swear it has gone down hill, from service to the quality of food. But lucky u girl for having such a good experience.

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