Lazy bum.

What did I do lately? Nothing much. Nothing really exciting.
Been to the Karaoke as usual although I gradually lost interest in it. Maybe it’s also because I haven’t been listening to a lot of new chinese songs lately. Listening to the song “one minute” (if you like to listen to it, it’s on my radio blog – Beauty Clinic OST 1). Don’t know why I really love this song. Repeat, repeat and repeat. I usually like to listen to the same song while writing/typing a post.

Downloaded lots of albums lately because of Douban’s recommendations. So far, I find their recommendation OK. Sometimes I found good albums via it, sometimes the reco’s are just so-so.

Restaurant-wise… What did I do?
During the week-end, I revisited Lemongrass, the new restaurant that I wrote about 1-2 weeks ago. Alas, it was quite a disappointment. This time we ordered the pineapple fried rice again, however, it looked so much different from what we got last time. There was more rice, less flavour, less shrimp, less chicken pieces. I also ordered their special beef noodle, which was just so-so. Their vietnamese special (with spring roll, satay pork, rice noodle roll, and cold meat) was just ok. Both Erix and I have already preferred the Chinese spring roll to the vietnamese ones. Overall experience wasn’t as great as last time because of the quality inconsistency. Yea… it’s actually quite hard to maintain the quality.

Another restaurant… Day & Night Firewood Steak House:
It’s so close to my house actually, but it was my first time I’ve ever been there. (yea, finally I got the courage to do so). Anyway, it was Sunday night we arrived there. The first impression was… pretty cute, or you can say strange. It looks more like a seafood/fish house than a steakhouse because of the color tone and all the decorations there. Upon entry, we were brought to a table on the side. The lamp was placed too low, and the “cloth cover” of the lamp touched my head.

Looking at the menu, prices were comparable to the ones at any other steakhouse. The waiter suddenly appeared and showed me a huge live lobster and two pieces of raw steak. All these were done in order to introduce the Lobster + Steak Combo… which wasn’t cheap either. It includes a lobster, a choice of steak, a choice of appetizer, dessert and a choice of soup. i.e. the only difference was the lobster since you’ll get all the rest even if you order an ordinary meal. But with the additional lobster, the price became as high as $50 per person depended on how many pounds of lobster you were ordering.

So, we ordered a steak combo – with lobster soup (the other choice would be onion soup, not the french onion one… just ordinary onion soup), bread (complimentary), salad bar, appetizer of goose liver (I’ve already forgotten what the other two choices were), a strip loin, a lemon coke (very small cup), and finally dessert was vanilla ice-cream. We also order another entree – white shrimp, scallop and salmon fettuccine with cream sauce.

I’m quite reluctant to write about something that I don’t like, but this time I just can’t help. I didn’t think any of the dishes were any good. If they didn’t tell me it was lobster soup, I would thought it was some kind of “half-cream” soup, goose liver wasn’t too bad (the only thing I liked was the little pickle garnish), strip loin was quite tendor, tasted ok, dessert was quite disappointing (I would expect something else other than two scoops of mass-market ice-cream. The fettuccine was ok. The first few bites were pretty good, but the more you had, you would find it was too salty. The most disappointing part was at the scallop… There were in total 3 scallops and all of them had “sand-like” substance in it. Maybe I should have complained to them immediately, but I did not. After the first scallop, I just carefully took out the sand from the other two. Also, the portion of the pasta was quite small! I bet it can’t fill up a big guy’s stomach. Almost forgot about the salad bar… In a few words, very home made – not in a good way, and limited choices.

What surprised me was that there were lots of patrons at night. Some of them even had reservations! So, I guess… maybe it’s still good to some people.

Kinda disappointed. No picture taken this time.

FYI: Day & Night Firewood Steak House
2 Fenton Road, Unit 23, Markam; Tel: 905-477-8182

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  1. i’ve only been there once, about 3 yrs ago, for drinks .. the whole thing w/ filling out a butterfly and/or dolphin, then hanging it up, was sorta cute .. didn’t have any food or dessert there ..

    i guess they’ve managed to do a fair bit of advertising on chinese tv, and it’s drawn people there .. too bad they can’t serve anything worthwhile ..

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