New flavours 味戰

Kit-Kat Collection

Human, in general, likes to try new stuffs. (That’s just my own opinion. I’m not gonna prove that using any statistical model and it doesn’t mean that we don’t like to stick with the classics.)

Don’t know since when there are different flavours for almost everything.

I think no one has never tried Kit-Kat before. To give you a little bit of the background…

KIT KAT is the number one selling candy bar in the U.K. KIT KAT is a licensed brand from Societe Des Produits Nestle S.A. Hershey Foods Corporation’s original licensing agreement was executed with Rowntree Products in 1969. In 1988, Nestle purchased Rowntree.

You can find different editions and special editions and limited editions of Kit Kat in different countries, and I was kinda surprised when I knew how popular Kit-Kat is in Japan (for the reason, click here). But you know what, the Kit-Kat Original is the still the best selling one among all the different flavours and different chocolate bars.

Bubble Tea is another example. Mix & Match, you name it, you get it. From the classic black tea, green tea, milk tea to the weirdest flaours. Gelato, same thing; from the classic Vanilla to Rose. Even chewing gum is drawn into this battle…the little piece of thing you chew on while you have nothing to do or while you are under pressure.

New gums
Just tried the new Trident Strawberry with Kiwi Splash –
but I didn’t feel the splash though

It’s a trend that has gradually emerged.
To make the competition more intense, you also see the cross-over between different brands of candies.

2 thoughts on “New flavours 味戰

  1. i’d like to argue the opposite — while there are people who like variety, there are also those who stick with only what they like .. and i would argue that in some ways, -that- is the reason for all the diff’t flavours .. for example, let’s say someone who doesn’t like milky flavours, but like strawberries .. a bubble tea store that serves only milk bubble tea will have nothing that this person wants — but if they serve strawberry, then that give this person something they are willing to drink ..

    there are plenty of people i know that will not venture outside of their culinary comfort zone — not willing to try indian food because they “think” it is too spicy .. or they only eat chinese food or only eat hamburgers cuz that’s what they like ..

    so now i ask — given a “choice”, are people choosing because they want variety, or are they choosing becuase they have preferences? something to think about. 🙂

  2. I’m definitely adventurous in terms of eating and drinking, but I also know there’re many ppl who would just stick with whatever they’ve tried and liked.

    The other day I was talking to my bf, and the conclusion was nothing related to the original question “should we venture out of the comfort zone or not”… The act of tasting is actually a luxury because as long as the food & drink are clean & nutritious, everything is basically the same. The main difference only lies in the “3 inches zone” of the mouth. Kinda off topic, but we have to agree we’re very fortunate 🙂

    The answer to your question really depends on who you’re asking… To me, sometimes it would be because I just want variety, sometimes it would be that I have a preference and that preference/demand was met by a supply (just like the bubble tea situation you described).

    From the company’s perspective, of course they would like to satisfy those who have a preference that can’t be satisfied by any of the existing products. i.e. the latter part of the question. Otherwise, launching new flavours would merely be an act of cannibalization.

    Thanks for the food for thought… and BTW your comments are quick!

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