Stop & Seat 一站一座

After looking at the future Toronto Foodies site that my colleague forwarded to me the other day, I decided to go try the Sushi Bong on Yonge St. However, arh… I couldn’t find the restaurant yesterday. So, I ended up driving on Yonge all the way up to Steeles, past Steeles actually. Guess what?! I saw the same Japanese buffet restaurant that I saw in Bamburgh Circle the other day. (The one that only accepts cash!) Near the Friendly Greek on 7315 Yonge St., you can see the Japanese Buffet place is called “東京都’ (Tokyo Teppanyaki Restaurant)… haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

After the unsuccessful attempt of locating Sushi Bong, I thought… sigh… maybe I’ll go to Empresswalk to pick up a combo instead coz I need to go workout afterwards.

However, driving down Yonge St., suddenly I spotted the new taiwanese restaurant/bubble tea place beside Asian Legend. “Great! Let’s try this!” So Erix and I just jumped out of the car and marched to this restaurant. Its outlook was actually not that attractive as you can see, with big banner stating buy 3 get 1 free.
Stop & Seat

Around 7:30p.m., there weren’t a lot of patrons in this restaurant. There was an elderly Indian couples sitting beside us, near the entrance, and 1-2 other tables of customers. But the dishes that the couple was having looked really really delicious =P~~ With greater confidence, we looked at the menu and ordered the following…

Stop & Seat - Honey Black TeaHoney Black Tea with Tapioca (small size): Taste pretty good, tapioca a bit softer. If it could be a bit less sweet, it would be better. *The degree of sweetness may be just right for you because I tend not to like drinks to be too sweet.

Stop & Seat - Grape Ice CrushGrape Ice Crush (large size): We ordered Grape Calpis, but didn’t expect it would be in slush form. Anyway, it was pretty good. But again, a bit too sweet.

Stop & Seat - Beef Noodle SoupJust like last Friday when I went to Go For Tea, I ordered the Beef Noodle Soup (紅燒牛肉麵). This bowl of noodle was just soo filling. I found the noodle itself sweet too. (How come everything was sweet?!) The taste of this noodle soup was quite strong. And that was why I could still feel the taste lingering yesterday late at night.

Stop & Seat - Soy Pork on RiceSoy Pork on Rice: When these dishes first came, I was like… What?! that’s too small! But then it turned out that bowl of rice was actually quite a big bowl. With the pork meat+fat, that portion of meat was actually quite right. The taste of the green beans and the meat were very good (if you don’t mind eating the fat).

Stop & Seat - Satay BeefLater, another friend came joined us. This Satay Beef on rice was what he ordered. Tried a bit of the beef. It was ok.

Stop & Seat - Oyster PancakeTaiwanese style Oyster Pancake… Still remember I didn’t get a chance to try this in my last trip to Taiwan… Anywayz, this pancake was quite “authentic”. I like it.

Stop & Seat - Oyster Pancake 2Close-up.

Stop & Seat - Fried Shrimps

Oh yes… almost forgot to talk about the service. By 8:30pm., the restaurant was almost 75% full. In this restaurant that can serve around 50-60 persons all at once, there were only 1 waitress and 1 cashier. The waitress who served us was kinda… how should I phrase that… kinda acted like she was day-dreaming. Originally, we were the only 2 persons dining there… and she suggested a lot of big portion dishes for us… and sometimes she didn’t know what she was talking… maybe she was just too busy.

Here’s the Fried Shrimps that she suggested. 14 shrimps w/ Ketchup in total for $8.99. The taste was so-so, with a bit too much of bread. However, when I was holding up the shrimp, I could see some pedestrians outside were attracted to that. During the whole dining experience, I could see there were a lot of people checking out the menu outside, wondering if they should come in and give it a try. Some of them did, some of them just walked by.

Stop & Seat - Fried Shrimps 2Had a bite, and another close-up.

Overall, the experience was good. However, there’re actually a few areas for improvement:
1. The waiting time between order and delivery of dishes was a bit too long.
2. Enough paper napkins should be given in advance.
3. Recommend based on the no. of customers vs. portion size.

Including another drink that my friend ordered, i.e. 3 drinks + 3 entrees + Oyster Pancake + Fried Shrimps for 3 persons, total came to around $53 (excl. gratuity).

FYI: Stop & Seat Taiwanese Cuisine Bubble Tea
5184 Yonge St., North York, ON., M2N 5P6; Tel 416.229.6288.
Open Monday to Sunday 11a.m. – 5a.m.
**5a.m.!!! Good news to those of you who always want to have a late night snack, don’t blame me for getting you fat though =P**

3 thoughts on “Stop & Seat 一站一座

  1. sorry about the directions to Sushi Bong .. it’s a pretty obscure place .. if u park at the Burger King, u will see Sushi Bong inside the condo right next to it ..

    this place sounds interesting .. sounds like they just opened, and they’re going through some growing pains .. have u ever been to the taiwanese noodle place at Sheppard/Glen Watford?

    fried shrimp and ketchup, sounds liek something my mom would make !! oyster pancakes sound interesting, but i was never a huuuuge fan of it ..

    mm i want some oyster vermicelli now .. time to hit the grocery store this wkend 😀

  2. Sushi Bong is worth finding it. Its the turn right off Yonge, into the Tridel Condo building, *right before* Burger King. moo described it accurately.

    When you’re coming from Sheppard, you’ll go past Loblaws (Empress Rd), then Dominion (Church St), and you turn right on Northtown way – into the condo. If you reached Finch, you’re too far.

    Sushi Bong is fantastic for take out. I’ve never dined in, but each time I go in there are people there, and they seem pretty happy. 😀

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