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June 3. Friday night…
Originally, I was gonna go try the Day and Night Steakhouse nearby my home, but I was just too tired and didn’t wanna drive that far. So, we went to Oliver & Bonacini at Bayview Village instead. Remember last time I went there was pretty long time ago. Had a conversation with my aunt at this nice place, but I didn’t really dine there last time.

Around 8:30 – 9:00 p.m.
There were so many people.

“Is it THAT GOOD?” I thought.

So we came to this restaurant.
First, we were served with bread, reheated. Tasted pretty good, but the middle of the Bread was a bit cold. (Deduct some marks there)
Looked at the menu, really had no idea what to order. There’re steak, seafood, pasta, lamb rack, pizza, and even vietnamese style noodle “pho”…

The waiter told us about the specials for the night:
It was the Stuffed Pork Chop + asparagus + burghul(? not sure if this is what it’s called)
and Pizza with Blue cheese, basil sauce, mushrooms, caramelized onion…
So, we ordered 2 specials and a Tiger Shrimp Cocktail (with horseradish ketchup and chili mango relish) as appetitzer. There were 5 tiger shrimps in 1 order, same portion as the one you’d get at Milestone/the KEG, but it costs more compared to the other restaurants. Anywayz… it tasted pretty good =P~~
I also ordered a freshly squeezed trawberry and guava drink, which is really nice, not too sweet. I think their fresh fruit drinks are pretty good in general.

Here comes the Pork Chop…
It’s the same size as your palm. The first bite was a bit dry, but the subsequent bits were good – more juicy.

The pizza was actually the one we kinda regreted on. The pizza was a bit too salty for us. The taste was just so-so. Originally, we was gonna order the salmon pizza. (That should be better)

After the appetitzer and entree, I was kinda full. BUT since I’m thinking I might not come here again (at least in awhile), I decided to try its dessert. What I ordered was something that everyone’s getting… The Molten Chocolate Lava Cake.

Opps… forgot to bring my DC… Actually, I do think I get my friends all embarrassed everytime I take out my DC while dining out. So, I used my cell phone instead. Of course, the quality would be totally different – much worse.

Anywayz, here comes the cake!
Molten Chocolate Lava Cake
molten chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream

The service there was actually very good! That’s why I added extra tips… The total with tax, without gratuity was $65.

Actually if one day you feel like having an early dinner (or late lunch for some of you who just wake up at 3p.m.), here’s the deal…
During weekdays, if you dine at Oliver & Bonacini from 4-6p.m., you can choose 2 courses (either appetitzer + entree or entree + desset) for $14.95. On Saturday and Sunday, they also have brunch until 3p.m. (it’s not brunch buffet though).

FYI: Oliver & Bonacini Cafe.Grill
Bayview Village Shopping Centre
2901 Bayview Avenue (Bayview & Sheppard), Toronto, ON M2K 1E6
T. 416.590.1300 F. 416.590.1163

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  1. Great website!!! Thanks for all the information about restaurants!! As someone that enjoy “a bit too much” good food, i really appreciate your honest critiques!
    Keep it up!

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