Spring-to-Summer 春去夏來

If you’ve lived in Toronto, you’d know that Toronto has a subtle Spring.
Toronto is covered by snow from November to April.
Which means… almost half a year is pretty cold.
March-May is supposed to be Spring time…
but it’s still pretty cold throughout these few months.
Don’t you think that snowing time is coldest.
The snow-melting time is worse.

In May,
the weather is cold in the morning and evening,
but warm in the afternoon.
Moving from May to June…
Suddenly one day you will feel extremely hot.
Then you know Summer is here.

Carnation 2

Despite the fact that you don’t get to wear any Spring coats that you bought from HK or other Asian countries, the subtle Spring time is actually pretty good.
You see the grass turing green, waking up after the whole long Winter.
You see the flowers coming out from the ground (usually it’s the tulips that come out first).
You see the baby leaves showing up on the trees.

Blossom Flower

Everything’s so nice…
Even the baby birds start to chirp.

Little Bird

Spring time is also the time when you start putting plants to your backyard.
Growing tomatos, bellpeppers, or other veggies.
Sowing seeds, putting fertilizers, and mowing the lawn.

Bedding plants

Spring-Summer is colorful.

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