Under Construction

Thursday. So late at nite. (Still gotta go to work tomorrow! Although I know lots of people are going to watch the StarWar)…
Sitting alone in front of the computer.
Fixing this, fixing that.
My eyes are really tired now.
Kinda drained (physically + mentally) after working whole day and setting up the blog the whole night.

The whole Blogger-to-WP importing experience wasn’t that bad.
But WP definitely presented a pretty steep learning curve to me.
I don’t mean the operation part. I mean…
the customizations and the other “add-on” parts.


Finally decided to get a host and kind of DIY.

Sometimes I just think “Am I crazy or what?”
Paying $$ and spending time on something like this…
And I’m not even a good writer…
But I couldn’t help.

I don’t care.
I’ve been thinking of owning my own domain since I first went online.
This is my dream comes true.

Hopefully I’ll finish the site soon.
It’s really raw now. (although I don’t think there’s anyone reading this right now coz I haven’t announce this URL yet)

6 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. Congret, the blog seem coming up alright.

    I’m impressed w/ all the non-geek HK bloggers moving to wp, while myself used another one called NucleusCMS.

  2. I forgot how I came across your new URL but at any rate here I am. Actually I think I saw it last week when there was still like a single post or something. Ayways, I’m not stalking or anything, I hope you don’t mind commenting on your new site. This page loads WAY faster than your blogger site. And my school that I work at block all blogger pages anyways so this page so much better is so many ways! 🙂

  3. I think it’s a lovely idea! I really love your banner. Two images simply collaged together, yet the message comes through so strongly!

  4. Thanks everyone for dropping by… =)
    Just didn’t have much time fixing this site recently. Changed the color of the banner to grayscale. Don’t know why…I found it too busy to have a lot of colors. Still prefer the greyish tone. =P

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