Miyabi Japanese Restaurant

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant

Several years ago, I heard that there’s a pretty good Japanese restaurant in Richmond Hill, near Hwy 7 area, operated by Japanese people. I’ve once tried to find that restaurant, but couldn’t find it. That puzzle was finally solved yesterday night.

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant
Miyabi Japanese Restaurant

Came to this place, Miyabi Japanese Restaurant yesterday around 10:00p.m. It’s actually nearby my work place, and the area where I often go to. But for some reasons, this restaurant just didn’t catch my attention at all. It’s at the Jubilee Square, where you see the CIBC, and some Chinese tea houses.

Saturday night, when we went into the restaurant, there weren’t a lot of patrons. There should be some reasons for it; and I think the reasons would be its outlook/location (at the corner), its opening hours and its price. It closes at 10:30p.m. most of the days (if I remember correctly, from Monday-Saturday)! The deco inside wasn’t fancy at all. You can see the Japanese menu on the wall, the Japanese magazines near the entrance, and Japanese waitresses and Chef. The Japanese waitresses are extremely polite… and the Chef seems to be very professional. Everything somehow makes you feel that you’re in Japan.

Looking at the menu… a bit pricy. e.g. Edamame would costs you about $4-5. We ordered a Sushi Deluxe, a Katsu Don, a Spicy tuna roll, green tea ice-cream (which is actually pretty good! Not too sweet and have the taste of green tea) and 1 pop . The spicy tuna roll was DELICIOUS!!! I love it! If there’s a chance, you gotta try this! The Katsu Don was good, right portion (might be a bit small for big guys). The Sushi Deluxe was like… over $20 bucks and as you can see, the portion isn’t big.

Miyabi - Sushi Deluxe
Miyabi – Sushi Deluxe

But if you’re looking for quality, this is absolutely not over-priced (in Toronto). The nigiri were very fresh with right amount of rice. The food there is very “Japanese”. Another restaurant that it can be compared with would be Tokyo Sushi (that I’ve written about a while ago). The total (not including gratuity) was around $50.

I always write about different restaurants that I’ve been to. Some of them are pretty good (e.g. good overall atmosphere + food quality + price), some are okay good (e.g. some dishes are good, some are just so-so). *I actually tried not to write on bad restaurants (e.g. no good dish, poor service). Why bother? right?

I love writing about food/restaurants, simply as a record for myself – The little pieces of memories of the places that I’ve been to and the foods that I’ve tasted.

AND… if by any chance, someone out there find these records/info useful, I’d be even happier. =) but bare in mind, the taste of food is somewhat subjective. Also, experience might vary just because you changed one factor (e.g. different Chefs during different time of the day, service might not be as good during the peak hour). This restaurant is one that I’d really recommend (although it’s a bit pricy)…

FYI: Miyabi Japanese Restaurant
Jubilee Square, 280 West Beaver Creek Road, Unit C1,2, Richmond Hill; Tel: 905-709-2915

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  1. You should try that sometimes =)… ar… I haven’t given you the name of the Japanese buffet yet… Can’t find it now. I’ll post it on your site when I get the info.

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