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Went to the public library today and saw a little girl using her children library card to check out books. That made me thought of my children library cards back in the old days. When I was a young kid … I used to go to the library very often. Read a lot of translated fairy tales. I love reading different types of books, and borrowing from the library instead of buying. I don’t mind the books might have that unique “odour”. I know some people really dislike library books because they’re kinda “dirty”… just like bills and coins, have been used by a lot of people.

Got back home and took out my collections of cards… as some of you may already know, I love collecting stuffs. Cards such as local phone cards, long distance phone cards, membership cards, calendar cards, business cards (esp. the restaurant ones), etc..

Here’s the tip of the iceberg…

Library Card (old) - HK
Library cards from the old days. We could only borrow up to 3 books that time!!!

Library Card (current) - Toronto
Toronto Public Library card.

McDonald's VIP card!
Yuen Long McDonald’s VIP card! Anyone had that?

MTR ticket - Child
Everyone’s using the Octopus now. Do you still remember using this when you were a kid?

MTR ticket - single trip
Single trip MTR ticket.

MTR ticket cover
Remember this? The ticket protector.

Junior Police Call
Yes. I was a member of JPC. I was a good little girl.

Whimsy Club - Front
Is Whimsy still there? It was kinda expensive at that time. So, I joined the Whimsy Club and got some free tokens each month. My favorite game was the “shooting the teeth” game.

Whimsy Club - Back
One stamp each month indicating you’ve received the tokens.

Healthy holidays - Front
Got these cards from somewhere… for SEX education. Look what’s at the BACK!

Healthy holidays - Back
What to do during holiday… if you’d like to have sex; and if you would not like to have sex. lol

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