What a wonderful Friday evening.
Yesterday. Left office at around 6:00p.m.
Driving on the Hwy 404,
Didn’t expect there would be traffic.
While I was stuck in the traffic,
I took out my DC and took this…

Toronto - Hwy 404Got an email from Jac.,
After all these days, Yorkdale Mall’s new wing is finally open!
Mango (MNG) is also opened in Yorkdale Mall.
A really good news to lots of girls.
(although this MNG is kinda small…
and the styles are a bit different than what I had in mind…)

STOP thinking I’m a Shopperholic.
Compared to the girl in the Shopperholic series,
I’m nothing.

I’m a careful buyers.
I don’t want to regret on any purchase.
Went to the new Sephora at Yorkdale.
It’s a bit bigger than the one at Eaton’s.
Similarly attracted lots of ladies,
and of course many of their BFs/Significant Others (SOs).
Some of those guys were actually enjoying themselves there =)
Some of them were just waiting outside the store.
Coz ladies can easily spend an hr in Sephora…

If there were a place where guys could rest,
with lots of good men’s magazines and maybe…games, computers,
that would be perfect!
At least some of the ladies won’t be worried about their SOs being bored.
or… being allergic to the heavy smells of all the cosmetics and skin care products.

Finally I made a purchase…
A facewash foam, and
this cute mini lip-gloss set~
I seldom put lip-gloss/lipstick on…
But I think it’s a good buy because I get to try on different colors =)
Maybe once I’ve found the color I like, I’ll put it on more often.

i scream 4 sugar

3 thoughts on “Friday

  1. We live so close to each other, it’s such a shame that I haven’t come visited you already! After my exam we’ve gotta hang out … I’ll contact you when it’s all over on May 6th!

  2. Sometimes I think the same too! hahahaha… We should come out sometime! OK, let’s come out later! (I’m thinking our homes might be within walking distance too!)

  3. Hahaha it’s gotta be within walking distance. This one time my mom and I walked to my grandma’s nursing home at Finch & Middlefield, so anything within that radius is walking distance!

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