Still sick…

How long have I been sick?
Last, last Friday I started to have a sore throat.
Officially declared sickness on Monday.
Today’s Tuesday, the 12th day of sneezing, sore throat, and just starting to cough.

Is this called flu?
I remember I had a flu shot this year,
but it seems not working on my body.
Maybe it just prevents me from spreading it to other people.
Luckily, not one person I know got this from me.
Everyone beside me is healthy.

Stay healthy guys…
I thought I wouldn’t get this either…>< And thanks everyone for the caring messages.

5 thoughts on “Still sick…

  1. AYYN𮧧r? NǮɺı? zDnf

    LznAרOzy”Officially declared sickness on Monday”@ΡMaybe it just prevents me from spreading it to other peopleAOڻ쳣Y诺X

  2. Flu shot is not something to prevent you from cathcing flu. Its objective is to create antibodies so that you are able to recover sooner than others.

  3. Preventive is always better than curing. I find that excercises really does wonders in strengthening the immune system. Maybe it’s time to stop running around in WoW and start running around in a gym. 🙂

  4. thanks guys… haha yea… I’m drinking lots of water thse days, and going to bed earlier. Plus, finally I went to the gym yesterday. Arh… felt so good after working out =) I was just too sick to do any exercise lately.
    Yea… less WoW and more gym.

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