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I have been thinking of writing a blog on this bakery topic since long time ago.
But I was just too lazy to initiate til I saw the cake that Kelvin and Luzia bought from Tokyo Bakery for the engagement party. It is a mixed berries mousses cake; not too sweet, nicely decorated. The only thing was that the chocolate word “LUZIA” was spelt like “LUEIA”. Kelvin was teased by us because of that. ^^

In Toronto there are several Chinese (and some western) bakeries that I personally find pretty good:

– Dynasty Bakery 皇朝餅店 (4002 Sheppard Ave. E. Unit 106, Scarborough; i.e. N.E. corner of Kennedy and Sheppard; 416-609-0391); they have lots of “puffy” (i.e.”so-pei” 酥皮) baked stuffs. e.g. 叉燒酥, 酥皮蛋塔.

– Jin Cheng Bakery 桃園金城餅家 3 locations:
(1) 395 Bamburgh Circle, Scarborough; i.e. Bamburgh Circle + Warden; 416-502-3232;
(2) 3636 Steeles Ave., Unit 138, Markham; i.e. Steeles + Warden; 905-502-3232;
(3) 5418 Yonge St., Unit 18; i.e. Finch + Yonge; 416-733-9300
They have a wide selection of bread, cookies, cakes, and also some Taiwanese style cakes/breads. Of course these days you can find their stuffs at T&T supermarkets. But their store still carry a better selection. Stuffs that I like: 奶酥包(puffy custard bread), 刈包(Taiwanese style bread w/ pork, peanuts and preserved veggies inside) , 萍果批 (apple pie), etc..

– Tokyo Bakery 東京餅店 (4385 Sheppard Ave. E.; 416-335-5500)
Surprisingly, their cake is pretty good! I gotta try their other stuffs later.

– Pacific Mall… There’s also one small store in Pacific Mall that sells good western cakes (small size 1 person cakes, birthday cakes, and wedding cakes), but I forgot the name of that store. You can also get ice-cream from there. I think it’s on the same aisle of the Postal Office.

– Maxim’s cafe & patisserie (648 Finch Ave. E., Willowdale; 416-730-1080)
Located near Finch and Leslie. This is actually a restaurant(+cafe), where you can order meals or desserts. I really like their meringue, and black forest cake (remember one time I bought their black forest cake during the summer, and they used the fresh bing cherries)

Bakery Nakamura in J-town
Nice western/Japanese style cakes and breads!

Sen5es – How can I not talk about it?
An upscale bakery & restaurant located at downtown Toronto’s SOHO Metropolitan Hotel. Another location (bakery only) is in Bayview Village. Good taste + Nicely wrapped, but a bit expensive though ($6+ for a little one person cake).

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  1. OPPS!!! I always know how to spell that, everytime I “intentionally” spelt it, I spelt it correctly (like LUZIA). But when I mentioned it quickly, I would spell it wrong!!!! Arh… my apologies.

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