Prelude to Valentine’s

Prelude to Valentine’s
This is an amazing weekend.
Finally got to go out with Erix. We haven’t been to the malls these days…
Although we didn’t see anything good at Yorkdale,
it was still good to just go and relax.
KT’s birthday was on Friday, Feb 11.
Went to Mix2 that night to celebrate with her.
Good to see them back from HK. It’s been a while since our last gathering.
Yea, we’ve been thinking of a MJ night these few weeks, but we never did that.
Also met some high school buddies there at Mix2.
They seemed to be so drunk and hyper… made me thought of the old days…
Then WoW from 5-9. (I know I shouldn’t do that.)

Saturday, Kelvin & Luzia’s engagement party.
It was held at the party room of a condo near Bayview + Sheppard.
The place was really nice, with a comfy TV room, a dining room, and a kitchen.
You can see the Sheppard Ave. E. right outside.
It was a surprise that I’d see Vince there! Haven’t seen him for ages.
The night was fun and entertaining. PS2 for guys, chit-chatting, big veggie plates…
We played some Uno and poker games (七級豬). Thomas (the fitness trainer guy^^) lost and the penalty was to finish a bag of chips! (holy… you can imagine what that means to a fitness trainer! It’s just a poison to him! Poor Thomas)… Then Allen lost two times, so he ate almost one whole bag of chips… Swaroski crystals, skin care, set of Japanese cups, etc…
We then played a bit of MJ. Around 12:30 a.m., we called it a nite.

Sunday, family day. Spent some time grocery shopping.
Went to the No Frills near Silver Star Blvd.
OMG. Long line-ups every counters because of the $1 sales.
Bought a lot of stuffs, some snacks, some drinks and some lunch food.


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  1. LOL, same w/me too! we went to No Frills Sun Morning around 10:30 and it was packed like hell. I think most of the chinese ppl went to No Frills this morning. hahaha

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