What a wonderful weekend.

This weekend was a short one. Just a blink, it’s Sunday again. And I gotta return to work tomorrow again. I know God has been very lenient on me. I shouldn’t demand too much.

Finally, everything seems to have come to an end just before the Lunar New Year. Decisions have been made by either me or the others. Lessons have been learnt. Direction becomes clearer.

I have tons of words to pour out. Just that I was interrupted from time to time, and my brain is a lot faster than the movement of my fingertips.

Didn’t really go out during this weekend. What have I done? Went grocery shopping with mother, bought a lot of food for the New Year, although there won’t be a lot of people in the house. 3 at most. The traffic was worse than usual. Obviously that was driven by the Chinese crowds. Didn’t notice that Lunar New Year was that close til I see all the people in the Chinese Malls. This would be the last weekend before New Year.

Walking in the Canadian shopping centres, I can feel the V-day is coming. Oh yes, all the chocolates and heart-shape stuffs. Erix and I were attracted by the chocolate fondue at Shopper’s, so we decided to get that plus some fruits for the late-nite dessert. We bought two prepared/diced fruit bowls (around $6.00 each. A bit expensive, but it was worth it… fresh and easy) from Dominion. The fruits were unexpectedly fresh and tasty!!! Oh my god, the strawberries and pineapple were sweet, blueberries were the freshest that I’ve ever tried. I’m loving it (stolen slogan from McDonald’s =P). The chocolate fondue was actually pretty easy to prepare. We bought the swiss (50% cocao) one instead of the Hershey’s one. Just put the little chocolate fondue bowl in microwave, heat it at medium for 1 minute, then stir; repeat until you get a smooth chocolate fondue. After 10 minutes, I’ve already finished almost 1 bowl of fruits. But… after that I know I’ve had too much… because I feel the citric acid in my stomach. >< So, I got a TUM tablet. Everything was alright. What else? WoW obviously. With the help of Schu and Erix, I've finished several Elite quests. Played that til 5:30 a.m. (again?!) sigh... okee... then we went to the nearby McDonald's to buy breakfast. Yes. We were the first customer to come in for breakfast because we were there at 6a.m. sharp. It was also my first time to try the McGriddles!!! (Was kinda excited actually... althougt I was tired as you can tell) I tried the Becon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles... just checked on the Mcdonald’s website. Now I know…

1 McGriddles = 550 Clories; 21g Fat, 225mg Cholesterol… and 20% DV of Calcium (not bad)

Oh well, the McGriddles was better than I thought. Just that I think half of it is enough for me. It’s basically a bacon and egg pancake. A bit too filling. I would prefer a muffin next time. By the way, for each breakfast, you get a free newspaper too. So I took the Sunday Star and read it through. Today’s topics were pretty interesting. (I’ll write something on that later)

It was a really good weekend although you may find it a bit deteriorating. But you know, you gotta follow your heart. Do what you feel like to. Enjoy life when you can.

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