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It’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve started working at this new place. Overall, everything has been going pretty well. Heading out everyday morning around 9:30 and arrived at workplace in 20 minutes. I guess most of the people would like that. But of course, start late usually means finish late. I don’t really mind staying a bit late actually (6:30 as compared to 5:30).

Today, we went to a Thai restaurant nearby, called Rex Saigon. It is located near the Leslie St. and Hwy 7 (North-east side of the intersection). According to my boss, this restaurant has been there for at least several years, just that it’s kinda hidden at the back of the square. This was the first time that I’ve ever been to this place. Still remember when we (especially w/ Angela) hanged out, we often went to the dessert place, Demetre’s. Sometimes, I would drive by and saw the big sign of Rex Saigon… But I always thought that was a clothing store or something. It just couldn’t really hit my food-nerves. When I first stepped into this restaurant, I was surprised that it’s actually a pretty neat restaurant. The waitresses were very polite and efficient. The deco really matched today’s sunshine. It seemed like I was in a typical (old-style) South-Asian restaurant in HK.

Looking at the menu, I didn’t know what to order. Well, my boss was gonna have a phud tai combo, and the other person was having a lemon grass chicken w/ rice. Me… I kinda felt like having some curry stuffs. So I ordered a Red curry chicken with rice combo (which comes with a spring roll, a thai salad, and a hot-sour soup for $7.95). It sounded like a lot and I hesitated, but they told me that the portion wasn’t that big there. So why not give it a try.

The starter, hot-sour soup, was unexpectedly good! It’s powerfully HOT and with enough SOUR in it. I loved this soup… although my throat was kinda burning after having that. Then the salad was able to enhance my appetite. Spring roll was a bit different from what you usually get in the Chinese places. The outer crust was dfferent and the fillings were made with chicken and some other stuffs. Finally, the red curry chicken rice was just another red curry chicken rice. It wasn’t too impressive. The portion may not be enough for the big guys. But for me, I think it was pretty filling. (of course, for many other girls, this may be more than enough). I can say overall this restaurant is a pretty good one, and I may go back another time to try some other stuffs.

FYI: Rex Saigon @ Toronto Life

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