There’s been lots of problems going on w/ the World of Warcraft servers these days, especially yesterday (U.S. holiday). Have been disconnected from servers so many times. That was bad.

I love listening to music/songs as u know. So, I’ve been thinking of a convenient way to share w/ friends through the web. Of course, the free hosts won’t allow mp3s. One day I came across a pretty cool site called Radio Blog where you can blog in another way, express through music. After an hour downloading, converting and uploading files to my rogers site, the thing still didn’t work. Finally, I found out the reason why… it was because Rogers (Yahoo Geocities) doesn’t support php. Sigh… It’s okee… Maybe I’ll find a web host sometime.

3 thoughts on “sux.

  1. Whoa? you play WoW? OMG.. I so much wantta play that.. yet I don’t have the hardware and time yet.. just wait till I finish school. 🙂 How much is it per month again? It really sux that you’re paying a monthly fee, and couldn’t connect….

  2. yeah I’m playing rouge, doing some leathercrafting and cooking also. it’s kinda fun to play. but it’s kinda time-consuming too. every time i thought i would just play a bit (trying to keep it short, but still have some fun). but even i was just trying to finish 1 quest, i ended up playing an hour. >< i don't have the hardware either. if i play i gotta get a better graphic card. it's erix's acct. i think monthly fee is around cdn$13-14. extra characters are free (unlike FFXI).

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