What is it?

Got a question from “fur” (jennifer), anyone has any clue, plz tell me!

Paul Harvey RIDDLE: When asked this riddle, 80%
of kindergarten kids got the answer, compared to
17% of StanfordUniversity seniors. What is greater
than God, More evil than the devil, The poor have it,
The rich need it, And if you eat it, you’ll die?

11 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. i have seen this question before, and i know the answer
    here’s the hint: use substitution, then you will find out that the sentences are logical.

  2. umm…I heard of this riddle a couple of times before, but I haven’t got the answer yet.

    substiution, huh? let me downgrade myself back to kindergarten’s trend of thought, oh oh oh, could it be MONEY?

  3. I’m still guessing. From what Sam said… I think I’ve seen that question somewhere too. But MONEY… eh… hehe I think that’d be the university seniors’ answer. don’t know…

  4. Money may be correct. But the answer that i got is another one. In fact, my answer is quite straight forward. It starts with “n”.

  5. Ummm.. what’s interesting to me is that the answer is obvious to little kids, while difficult for grown-ups. It’s interesting how as people get older, they get fixated on material things, and becomes less apt to think creatively. This is definately a good excercise for thinking out-of-the-box. I gotta admit I had difficulties with it also. 🙂

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