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Can’t think of a title for tonite’s blog post. I guess it’s gonna be like a chop soi (雜碎) with a bit of everything … onion, ginger, bell pepper, mushroom, veggies and meats.

Saturday nite, family gathering (granny’s b-day) at Dragon Dynasty.
Unexpectedly, a lot of ppl were dinning there. I always thought there wouldn’t be so many ppl dinning at those restaurants. One table is “granny and all uncles and anties”; another table is me and my 6 brothers (should be 7, but Adrian was in Peterborough). We ordered 8 dishes… I thought that would be more than enough… but it turned out half of the dishes were finished before our rices came… and then all the dishes were finished before we finished our rices. Bad timing… and the waiter there was just hilarious~ every time he came by and looked at our table, he had that funny face. Going back and forth to check if the rice/dishes are ready. Next time, I’ll remember I’m dinning w/ 6-7 big guys who can really EAT!
Overall, the dinner was good.

After dinner… Karaoke time…gathering w/ oldies from HS @ take one.
A post-holiday gathering w/ oldies. Well… we didn’t drink at all this time… Why is that?! I don’t know. I think this is the first time since ages that I’ve done that. Some ppl think some beers and alcoholic beverages are essential in any good gathering (especially during K). Yes, I do agree being a bit drunk help lossen up everyone a bit, but it also depends on the group you are going out w/. I don’t know… just have a feeling that ppl have changed a bit from HS years. (of course… ppl become more mature and…) BUT I also feel that ppl become less energetic these days. Where’re the guys who sang and played around in HS times? Where’re the sparks? I think we gotta work on that next time. RESTORE THE SPARKS.
After that… went to another room where another group was. Met Yan again… He’s really a special person. Hope he’ll get well after 2 operations.

After K, Wowing time.
I tried not to wow so much. BUT everytime I failed to stop myself from wowing. Finally I started a profession – leathering, secondary job of skinning and cooking. It was fun killing animals, getting their skins for leathering and their meats for cooking. Got a pair of boots from Exai. My god… this rouge looks really good.
Stayed up til 6am in the morning… sigh…again.

Luckily, I’ve been able to keep up w/ job-searching, studying and doing the project. Good work marz. Gotta give myself a big hand here (clap clap clap)!

Finally… I’ve watched half of the Passion of the Christ (it’s been there long time ago… just didn’t want to watch it til tonite). BUT I just couldn’t stand it. The scene was so REAL and ANNOYING at the same time. I stopped half way.

Arh… and just got the Kingdom Hearts. Gotta play that besides wowing all the time.

Living is good.

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