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Haven’t written any restaurant review lately. But of course, there’re always something that I love to snack. My favourite for these 2-3 weeks is the Starbucks Egg Roll (which was brought from Taiwan as a gift from Ex’s antie). I’m not a coffee-addict, but I do like the Starbucks‘ Cafe Mocha or Second Cup‘s Moccaccinno. Compared to the price you’re paying for a bubble-tea, I think a cup of European coffee worth it more. OR, if I were working downtown everyday, I’ll usually just get a cup of hot coffee (w/sugar+ cream) from Tim Horton’s, which would be more economical.

Back to the Starbucks Egg Roll… I haven’t tried it before. When I first opened the tightly-sealed metal case, I immediately smelt the heaven taste of coffee… It was soooo good…. Still remember when I was a little girl, I always got the traditional chinese egg roll from “Hang-Heung” (恆香老餅家). Carefully finished an egg roll in two bites; I would say it is one of the coffee products that I really like. It has the aroma of coffee, the loose/fragile texture of egg roll and right amount of sweetness. BUT the thing is… I couldn’t find the Starbucks coffee egg roll on the website!… weird….

Another new stuff that I’ve tried lately is the biscuits from Swiss Delice. We got it from Costco, and there were 3 different kinds of biscuits in 1 box. At first I tried the Brasilia (i.e. Meringue biscuits with chocolate and hazelnut filling) and found it okay, not bad. Maybe it’s a bit too “ice-sugary” for me. Then, I tried the Japonais (similar to Brasilia). There’re something I believe is coconut grains covering the biscuit. A small ingredient makes Japonais’s taste and texture different from Brasilia. (Maybe the ways they were made was different too, but I’m not sure about that.) And finally, the third one is the Truffino (i.e. Plain chocolate covered wafers with hazelnut filling). It is totally different from the previous two. If you like plain chocolate, you should like this. But Truffino is much fatter (higher calories + fat) than the Brasilia/Japonais.

FYI: Chocolate

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