Flash back

It’s late at night. 3 am again. I always feel tired on the way home, but when I get off the car and instantly hit by the cool air, I’m all refreshed. So, as usual, I turned on the computer and click click click. There are so many flash backs lately. Things haven’t been too smooth these days. Maybe they’re meant to be like that. Did a Celtic Cross Spread today, and 5 of them turned out to be the Major Arcana. Something’s going on here. I don’t know.

I always wanna get sketch book so I can draw out whatever comes to my mind. I love sketching, especially sketching the places that I’ve lived in. Since I was a little kid, I have moved many times. Most of them were small flats in HK. One of them was extremely small. But I had lots of memories there. It was in an estate. Not many friends of mine have been there. Think back, I’m kinda proud that I’m such a flexible person. Just like grasses which can grow anywhere, everywhere.

I’m too tired tonight to type any Chinese words, otherwise I would do so. I can express much better in Chinese, but my Chinese typing is too slow.

Flashback again… I don’t know since when I’ve recognized that my mom and dad will leave me eventually. Now I’m a grown-up already even though I’m not working. Responsibilities increase. Mom and dad might not be as “needed” as before. But is that true? Am I a cold-blooded person? If not, how could I be so calm when she fainted in front of me?

Very tired now. I think I’d better sleep soon coz I woke up at 7:30 am this morning and I have to wake up early tomorrow morning too.

Looked at the site meter… and realized that there’re over 800 visits already. Actually, this is much more than I expected when I first started this blog. Don’t know who’s reading this. But thanks for your visits. Good nite guys.

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  1. Hey Sam! I haven’t talked w/ you for a long time. How’s it going? Of course I won’t mind you read my blog. =) Hope everything’s going well in HK!

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