First day of December

First day of December
I’m back. (To whoever reading this blog now…)
Just passed 12:00am, today’s the first day of December, a month that’s full of joy.
Feeling kinda tired now… partly because I only got 3 hrs of sleep yesterday.
Did a lot of things; went to the airport, then picked up one of my HK leftover baggages from uncle, then went to Square One. Haven’t been to Square One for such a long time. I found this mall a bit old this time. Maybe it’s time for a makeover.
Although uncle didn’t bring back a lot of stuffs for me, I’m really happy to see my stuffs again. All the skin care/cosmetic products that I bought from HK, accessories, letters, CDs, photos, and DVs. That’s why I gotta treat myself tonite, a total facial +bodycare +massage package for myself.
It still seems unreal to me that I just left HK like that.
There’re still adjustments that I need to make in this house, in this family.

Mailed 12 X’mas cards at the airport. I didn’t expect the stamps have become so expensive these days. 1 internation stamp costs $1.40. I thought it would be a bit more than $1.25. You can tell how long I haven’t been written any letters.

Still remember when I first came back to Toronto for high school, I wrote lots of letters w/ old friends in HK and other places. On average, 6 letters per week. Lots of letters were from ar Yuen, Grace, and Bunbun. I guess I really missed them… and I really needed emotional supports from them at that time. Now, everyone’s using email… fast and cheap, even long distance price is getting lower and lower. (But how many of us really email our friends once in a while just to say hi?) I think letters still have its survival value. Email can’t give you the same feeling as paper mail. Especially, you may also get a bonus from paper mail – the beautiful stamps.

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