Saturday nite 霧 – Sunday noon 晴

What a nice Sunday afternoon. It isn’t too often that I’d go out 3 nights til dawns on a row, but it’s gonna happen this weekend. Walking on the street downtown or any of the malls, you can feel X’mas is coming. I like the smell of this pre-winter, moist and cool. Yesterday nite was all foggy, which reminded me of London or Vancouver. Personally, I prefer a sunny day to a foggy/rainy one. But having variation is good. You can’t be all hyper, energetic every day ; everyone needs some silent moments.
Haven’t seen the drunken Kelvin for such a long time. Didn’t stay at Mix 2 for the whole nite, but it was still great seeing you guys + Happy Birthday to David!!!

One thought on “Saturday nite 霧 – Sunday noon 晴

  1. Yah, the last time I was drunk you were there too. 😀 Things are so much more different this time tho. This time, I got drunk for all the good reasons.

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