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I like Toronto. The elegant maple leaves finally turn into yellow/brown and fall on the ground. On Wednesday, you can see bags and bags of yard wastes sitting outside every house, waiting for their final destinations (probably back to the soil). Today’s a great day. Woke up at 9 am (I was amazed how I managed to do that after all these days); went to Sunnybrook; went to pharmacies; and finally bought 2 bags of top soil for “bed-making” for those cute outdoor plants. This is the lifestyle here. Lots of time was spent on driving. Driving here, driving there. God… I’ve done lots of driving lately.

Yea… Haven’t told you that I’ve been to the new Vaughan Mills and Eaton Center. Vaughan Mills were great. I was so tired that day… didn’t really wanna go there, but I’m glad that I’ve made the right decision and went there on its opening. It’s huge and there’re lots of shops (which are kinda different from the one you sees in Fairview Mall/Scarborough Town Ctr). Something that surprised me were… there’s “the ONE” which sells lots of cool Asian stuffs, from stationeries, toys and gifts to kitchen appliances. And then, there’s the JCY which has already opened 8-10 stores in every Chinese mall in the GTA. Yup, that’s right… it’s now in the Vaughan Mills. But its layout is kinda different from the other ones. I found it easier to browse and to shop at this location.

Back to my favourite – FOOD; in Vaughan Mills, you can certainly have good desserts/snacks because there’s the La Paloma Gelato (the 3rd location in Toronto), Ben & Jerry’s, Crepe Delicious, Purdy’s Chocolate (the 3rd store in Toronto, originated from Vancouver, B.C.), Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory… About restaurants, there’re the Eggspectation, a famous restaurant w/ the theme of “EGGS” (2nd location in the GTA, came from Quebec), Szechuan Szechuan, which is not yet opened… and some other ones… I’m just listing the more special ones, of course you’ll find lots of the more common ones like Second cups, Timothy’s, etc..

To Be Continued…

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