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It’s been 1 month since I started this weblog, and I’ve already got tired of the old template. Ha… 好一個貪新厭舊的人! During the past few days, I’ve just repeating the cycle of “movies, novels, web”…

Movies watched: These aren’t the new ones playing in theatre, but the DVDs or Movies on Demand from Rogers cable. The Terminal, The Ladykillers, Something’s Gotta Give, the Spiderman 2 and part of the Love Actually (coz I found it kinda boring…). Among these movies, Something’s Gotta Give was surprisingly good… It’s different and I like it. The Terminal was less exciting than expected. The Ladykillers was… um… far w/ Tom Hanks and Jack Nicholson, you know the movie wouldn’t be too bad.

Novels read: These are the short ones I picked up randomly from library.
Erica Li 李敏 & Pan Ho Cheung 彭浩翔’s Accidental Criminal (意外有罪)
亦舒‘s 幽靈吉普賽
Jiro Akagawa 赤川次郎‘s 忙碌的新娘

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