Break a leg

I’m not saying I have bad luck these days, but things keep happening to me. This time, it’s not my family/friend nor my belonging; it’s me. Sometimes, you just can’t prevent stuffs from happening by being careful. Ya, I think I’m not too careful this time. I didn’t get hurt while exercising; I got hurt when I was walking. Luckily, my ankle wasn’t too bad… It’s just swollen, and it hurts. I guess God or some spiritual power may want me to stay home and do my job hunting. Am I getting superstitious these days? Maybe. Finally, I’ve finished reading the Da Vinci Code, which is a pretty cool novel. To me, a nonreligious person, this book gives me another perspective to look at western religions.

Being stuck at home, what else can I do? Besides reading novel, watching movies is definitely another good choice. So I watched the Catwoman and i robot. Catwoman was unexpectedly disappointing. No wonder it was in theatre for a short while and then vanished. With Halle Berry, I was expecting something better, much better. The catwoman was just a female version of spiderman. But the Spiderman was so much better/cooler. The storyline of Catwoman was plain… there was no climax at all. For a long time, i robot was a movie I have been thinking to watch. It was not bad. It drew me into it from the start. I like the idea of the story even though it wasn’t original. But the thing is I don’t like seeing too many brandnames on the screen… like Audi, JVC and Converse, etc.. Oh well, without these sponsors, the company will have a smaller production budget… which means the movie will be worse off. so… having the logos floating around seems inevitable.

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