The Pianist OST – Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor

I like the sound of piano. Unfortunately, I have never learnt it. I like dancing; I used to learn ballet and chinese dancing when I was young, but the memory was not really good. As a pisces, I should be artistic and romantic. However, I am not artistic nor romantic at all. I’m not really good at art/design, nor am I good at expressing myself. I guess at least I like to see, listen and feel and I’d like to learn how to appreciate.

Being able to get a job, establish a career that you’re interested in is a gift from God. Some people like me do not have any special interest nor talent will wander around and try to find a direction. I’m glad that most of my friends seem to have found their paths. Some are naturally talented in some fields; some are very industrious and marching towards their goals.

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