Prelude to Thanksgiving weekend

To me, thanksgiving day may not be as meaningful as it is to other Canadians. I couldn’t recall whether or not we had been celebrating this day when I was a child. But, it’s good to have thanksgiving coz it’s a holiday, i.e. no school, no work. In the past few years, we used to have a family gathering at my uncle’s house w/ turkey and lots of food. It was once one of the few big events of the year (the other ones would be the X’mas and new year). Lots of things happened in 2004. I guess uncle should be having a good time in the heaven now. Just want to say we love you and miss you, my uncle. Without seeing your smile on the Mah-jong table, I can feel that something’s missing.

Friday night, got a phone call from Australia. It was Grace. She’s now taking her PhD. of Bio-Chem there. My God, I’d never imagine that she’d be doing this when we were in primary and secondary school. Although I’ve been to New Zealand and Australia, I don’t really know how it’s like living there. Suddenly, I wanna go to another country and stay there for a while. Yea, I know, I’m day-dreaming again. It’s obvious that I’m going nowhere now

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